Chapter 16

Four months later…

"Aww, B, you look so much better in that dress than me." Emily whined as she studied them in the full length mirror, "I think I'm going to go with the pink one."

Bianca shook her head with a laugh. They were both wearing a golden woven dress that hit her mid thigh and fell below the knee on the smaller frame of Emily. The color looked great on both of them but for different reasons. "Hmm I think I'm going to stick with this one, I like that it has very short sleeves and is rather thin. It's going to be hot under that robe."

"I can't believe they are having graduation outside." Danielle came up from behind them. She was wearing a strapless white dress that had more lace and ruffles than Bianca had ever seen on her.

"Well they said our class was bigger than usual. Evan said the place where they held his and Carysn's graduation was rather small." She tried to imagine the type of shoes to match the dress.

"Speaking of Carsyn, how's Brandy?"

"Yeah, do they know when she'll be able to leave the hospital?" Emily asked.

Bianca smiled at the concern her friend's where showing for her ex-roommate. Just like her they had adopted a mild dislike laced with pity attitude towards Brandy. "Well for a girl who was in a coma for a week, been in the hospital for over four months, and has had to relearn how to do a lot of common everyday things…she hasn't changed much."

Danielle scoffed, "And we thought she would?"

Emily giggled and Bianca shared a knowing look with her, "I know but we had to hope. They hope to have her back home soon, though. Carsyn said his parents wanted her there so they could make sure she'll be continuing seeing the therapist."

"Is Rosine still meeting us for lunch?"

"Mmm-hmm, she wanted to come shopping with us this morning but her and Carsyn had to get the marriage license."

"I think the pink one is the one for me, what kind of shoes should I wear?"

"We have to hit the shoe store after this one. So when will we be starting plans on your wedding B?"

"After graduation." She laughed at their amazed faces.

"He finally asked you?!" Danielle demanded.

"No" At their confusion she laughed again. "I finally said yes, he's been asking for a while now."

"Why did you wait?" Emily shook her head in confusion.

"I thought it was too early."

Danielle scoffed again. "Well I'm telling you now I get to pick out the bridesmaid dresses."

"Fine." Emily stated, "As long as I get to pick yours out, for you and Shawn's wedding."

"We aren't getting married anytime soon Em."

"Right…you know all this talk of marriage is making me miss John." Emily sighed.


Later that day Bianca was in the kitchen she shared with Evan. After the accident she had moved in with Evan and let Sara take over her part of the lease. Sara in need of a place to stay after her sister announced she was moving out of state. Bianca's parents had already paid for her share of the rent for the whole semester, so it was easier for Sara to move in.

For the last four months, Evan and her had slowly turned his house into a home for the both of them. It was the perfect size for them and even when her family came to visit it hadn't felt crowded. Her mom had fallen in love with Evan just as quickly as she had. And her sister had taken an instant liking. Even her brother worshiped him like a true role model often calling to talk to him rather than her.

"Something smells good." Evan announced coming in from the garage.

"Dinner's almost ready baby." She leaned back into his arms as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Alright, Mom wanted to make sure we were still coming for dinner next week."

"Of course she promised to share that recipe with me."

He chuckled at her, "So I've got a surprised for you."

She turned around quickly, delight showing in her eyes, "Oooh I love surprises. What is it?"

"After dinner." He smiled and walked away.

"No fair!" She yelled at his back.


"Okay, okay, you're fed. Now gimme my surprise."

"What no dessert?"


"Alright close your eyes sweetness." She did as he asked and heard him scoot his chair back. He reached for her hand. Then she felt the heavy weight of a warm metal slide over her finger. "Okay."

She opened her eyes and saw the most breathtaking ring on her finger. "Oh wow."

"I wanted to make it official. It's an heirloom, my dad and his dad both used it."

"It's beautiful, I love it. I love you!"

"I love you sweetness now and always." He got up and helped her up and started for their bedroom. "Now do I get my dessert?"

Bianca laughed and hugged him to her.

Okay that's it. Like I said I know there could be some work done on it, but it was meant to be a short story and it's way longer than I had planned. SO yeah....I hope you enjoyed it.