BY Juni Lyn

February 6, 2008

Natalia Craig sat at her desk, morosely going through her email, she could think of at least ten other things she wished she could be doing instead. The top was not being at work, but since she liked eating and having a roof over her heard, she was stuck at work. Usually she didn't mind being at work, she semi-enjoyed her job. Okay it was a sucky job; she basically had to do her work plus her boss' work. She never got the credit and acknowledgement she deserved and to top it all off she hadn't gotten a raised in five years. The only thing the job had going for it was that her best friend of all time, Vickie Olsen, worked there and they were able to take lunch together. Plus they both got weekends off and could easily coordinate their vacation time. All that made it worthwhile, she could put up with her snot of a boss and the fact that most days she would rather eat a bowl of nails without milk than come in to this hell hole. If she had any guts she would simply quit and find a better job, but she was one of those people who like keeping the status quo. Looking over at the corner of her computer she saw that she only had to make it through two more hours and then she would be free for the weekend, and it was a three day weekend at that.

She couldn't wait to get home; today had started off as the day from hell. She had overslept and had to forgo breakfast, her favorite meal of the day. She had managed to not miss the last train into work, but had to stand the whole hour and 45 minutes because she wasn't early enough to get a seat. As soon as she had stepped off the train it had started to rain really hard. It wasn't until then that she had remembered the weatherman saying was going to rain the whole day and she had purposely put her umbrella in her brown bag so she wouldn't forget it. Instead she had forgotten her brown bag all together, which meant she didn't have the money to buy another umbrella. After running the ten blocks to her office, she had managed to get there before her boss. Unfortunately she went the whole day slightly damp and her hair was pulled back in a tight bun. She knew once she let it out it would be a big mass of fuzzy curliness. Vickie had opted to treat her to lunch, to help alleviate some of the edge from the day. They had originally plan on going to their favorite restaurant, Empress Kitchen, but they had been packed full so they had to settle for the little Greek bistro down the street.

Once she got home, Natalia, planned on phoning, Dennis, her boyfriend of 8 months, she really didn't feel like going out tonight. Maybe they could stay home and watch a movie. Thinking of Dennis eased some of the pain from the day. They had only been dating for eight months, but it seemed a lot longer. Dennis was really romantic and such a caring man. He always made her feel special. Their relationship was unlike any of the ones she had been in before. She was trying very hard to make it work too; she knew that Dennis was in a lot of ways, like her ex. They were both sensitive men, who needed a caring and understanding woman. She and her ex and broken up because he said she was too aggressive. She knew she could be a bit aggressive sometimes, so she tried to rein it in as much as possible when she was around Dennis. She didn't want to lose him, she wasn't getting any younger as her mother would say, and plus her mind had been drifting towards thoughts of a family.

Responding to the last email in her inbox, she checked the clock and sighed, that had only taken an hour out of her life, now she had to find something else to do. She wanted to look busy; her boss had a bad habit of coming to her during the last hour of the day with some project that needed to be finished before she could leave. He hadn't come by all week but Natalia didn't want to risk him coming by today and her having no excuse to say no. She was just about to reach for her random project folder when her boss strode into her sad excuse for a cubicle. "Hey Natalia, are you busy?"

Natalia bit back the sigh and chuckle that was threatening to spill from her mouth, choosing not to turn around and let him see her eyes, they always gave her away when she was lying about something, "Actually Mr. Cole I'm just about to finish up for the day, I need to finish the Dexter project proposal."

"That can wait till next week, I need you run these numbers before you leave today."

"What are they?" She asked as she resignedly took the file from her infuriating boss. Flipping through the pages she knew the answer before he said it.

"It's the budgetary numbers for this year's projects." He said absently, while riffling through some of the papers on her desk.

Swallowing an irritated sigh she asked innocently, "Weren't these suppose to be done months ago?"

"Yes well, I wasn't able to get to it. The new head guy is asking for the numbers personally so get them done as soon as possible, and do a good job." He moved to leave not giving her a second thought.

"Do you want me to send it through inter-office mail before I leave?" She called out before he was out of ear range.

"No, no…just leave them on my desk I'll take care of it when I get in next week." He started to leave again. "Have a nice weekend Natalia, I'm off."

Releasing the groan that had been building up, Natalia turned back to her computer and started on calculating the numbers for all the different departments. An hour later Vickie came in ready to leave, but one look at her and she hit the problem right on the mark, "Lemme guess, Cole?"

"Uh-huh, the budgetary numbers for the year." She said turning back to the computer screen.

"I thought those were supposedly done months ago." She said coming in and sitting in the other chair that occupied the cramped corner of her cubicle.


"Is it because of the new management?"

"Yeah, have you heard anything about him?"

"The normal office rumors of course. I tried to do a bit of internet searching on him, I mean he's rich and supposedly powerful, you would think there would be tons of information him. Yeah nope there's not much on Mr. Markus McAllister, his family is big overseas, and I think this is the first American business they have bought straight out, all though they have their hands in business across the country. He's not married and he has no reported kids. Oh and he was voted one of the top ten rich and sexy guys under 40 in the world."

"But other than that you couldn't find anything." Natalie said dryly.

"Yeah I couldn't even find a picture of him, which is weird since he was voted to be a sexy man, how do you not have a picture of the guy?" Vickie asked as she settled more into the chair.

"Because my dear when you have the money, beauty is relative," Natalia answered back. "Yes! I'm finally done with this mess. Let me print it off and then I need to drop it off at Cole's desk."

Standing up Vickie said, "Here I'll take it and you can start shutting down."

Natalia gratefully agreed and started straighten up her desk, leaving her computer for last. She always checked her email before leaving; it was like a compulsive thing. That's when she saw the email from a Dennis McCoy. It was probably Dennis sending his daily email to say how much he's missed her. Opening up the email Natalie quickly scanned through the email and then did a double take and felt her heart sink.

Twenty minutes later Natalia and Vickie were sitting in one of the booths at the Chinese restaurant. The place was surprisingly empty for a Friday night, which suited Natalia just fine. "So let me get this straight, he broke up with you through email because he was afraid of what you would do?"

"Uh-huh." Natalia repeated for the fourth time. She still couldn't believe it herself. Closing her eyes she quickly recalled the heart-crushing email. She had done it again; she had come on too strong. It would seem no matter what she did she couldn't help but be the aggressive woman she was.

"Hey, you aren't blaming yourself for this are you?"

"No duh…Vick, of course it's my fault, just like James was my fault and Andy and…well every last guy I've dated."

"Stop it right now, Lia, I mean it. The only thing you are to blame is that you suck at picking men. And honestly you aren't alone in that matter. I mean look at my mom, she's been married how many times?"

Natalia knew Vickie meant well, but after so many blaringly obvious blunders how could she not blame herself. Natalia was uncharacteristically quiet for the rest of the meal and even through the train ride back home.

"Look, Lia, I know you're in the dumps right now and I know you aren't going to believe when I say, Dennis letting you go was a good thing. But trust me it is, he and all the others were just plain weak…you're a strong woman and you need an even stronger man, that's all there is to it."

"Thanks Vick, I know you mean well."

"I've been racking my brain trying to figure out when to give this to you, now's the best time I think." She said, pulling a small card out of her purse.

"What is it?" Natalia asked looking at the plain white non-descript card. It was a business card, but it only had a name and a number.

"The one thing guaranteed to get you out of this nasty rut." She said by way of an explanation.

"Who is Adam Mullins?" Natalie asked reading the name off the card.

"He's a male escort." She said blithely.

"Wait, lemme get this straight…you want me to call a man WHORE?!" Natalia asked incredulously.

"Lia keep your voice down, you know how your neighbors are." She said in a hushed tone. "And it's not p.c. to call them men whores, its gigolo my dear. And he's not some low down, streetwalking type. He's really exclusive caters to the rich and powerful wives, one of a kind according to my mom."

"Your mom, really?!" Natalia asked interestedly. Then remembering exactly who her neighbors were she turned to go inside. "You know what I think we should take this inside."

Once they were safely inside her apartment, Lia jumped on Vickie's last statement, "Your mom called a gigolo and she actually told you?"

"We're talking about my mom, remember?" She said while getting a soda from the fridge. "Plus you know she can't stand to go to any social event without some man on her arm. It was when her job had their annual gala thing; she was in between boyfriends so she called them up. Apparently a lot of the ladies in her circle use his service. You remember Mrs. Morrison?"

"Yeah the sweet old lady that lived next to you when we were kids." Natalia responded, grabbing a soda from the fridge then joining Vickie on the couch in the front room.

"Uh huh, she's the one that gave the card to my mother."

Natalia looked dumbfounded at her friend, "Wait she's married and in her eighties!"

Vickie laughed out loud at that last part, "Lia she's only fifty-something."

"But a gigolo Vick, I don't think I'm that hard up, I mean I just got dumped a few hours ago."

"Normally I might agree with you on that, and it's not about being hard up. But we both know you haven't had sex with anyone in over a year. This is the perfect time to have a no strings attached fling with a complete stranger."

"Like a rebound guy?" Natalia asked.

"Exactly, pay a guy to be your dream lay, get it out of your system and then go on with your life." She said getting up and throwing the can away in the kitchen, coming back she started packing up her things to leave, "Look you don't have to do it right away, take a few days and think about it. You know I wouldn't suggest you do anything you weren't completely 100 comfortable about. But honestly I think this will do you some good. If David and I ever call it a quit, trust and believe I'm going to give the guy a call." At Natalia's unbelieving look she continued with a, "Hey don't get me wrong he's a great kisser, it's just sometimes he leaves a lot to be imagined in bed."

"Please spare of the details." Natalia asked dryly as she walked her best friend to the door. "Hey Vick, thanks."

"No prob hon, you've been there for me…it's what BFFs do." She responded leaning in to give Natalia a hug. Walking back down the stairs Natalia waited until she heard the door of Vickie's first floor apartment close. Closing and locking her door. Natalia headed to her bedroom and switched on the tube, she hardly ever watched TV but she felt the need to have the sound in the background, it was one thing she never quite got use to with having her own place. The quietness got to her every now and then. Before stripping out of her clothes she moved back down the hall and into the bathroom and started a bath, after the day she had had all she wanted was to soak in a tub full of lightly scented bubbles. While she waited for the tub to fill she went back into the bedroom and stripped out of her clothes and put on the silk kimono styled robe Vickie had gotten her for Christmas one year. Going back into the living room, Natalia straightened up the couch and put her black bag and the brown one that still sat right next to the door where she had put the night before, back into the extra bedroom that served as her guest room and office.

By the time she had finished her nightly duty, the tub was filled and she quickly submerged herself into the steaming hot water. Letting out the sigh of pleasure she undid the tight bun and dunked her head back into the water. The aches and pains from the day quickly melted away as she soaked in the oversized tub. An hour later Natalia stood, after washing her shoulder blade length sandy blonde hair, she quickly rinsed off and turned off the shower head. Toweling off with quick motions, Natalia grabbed the silk robe and went back to her bedroom. Pulling out one of the big men shirts she liked to sleep in she pulled it over her head. She then made quick work of combing through her wet head and then climbed into bed. Grabbing the remote off the nightstand, she flipped through the channels. Her apartment building provided a free cable package as part of the utility bill so she had a decent amount of channels to choose from, as usual there wasn't much on. When she found an old school classic sci-fi movie her spirits lifted some. Most people would sneer at her penchant of those types of movies but they were Natalia's guilty pleasure. She clicked off the lamp on the nightstand and settled in for a long lonely night.

Sometime around midnight Natalia decided it was time to go to bed and clicked off the TV. Snuggling down into her bed she finally let her mind shift back to Dennis; she was at odds with her feelings. One part of her was sad that he was out of her life. And he was she knew that she wouldn't allow herself to try and get him back; it would end the same and cause her more pain. Another part was mad and angry that he would end their relationship through email, Vickie was right that was a weak move on his part. She also figured she should admit that Vickie was right on the other thing she said, she did suck at picking men. Turning on her back she stared up at the ceiling, if Dennis and Andy were the wrong kind of men for her, what was the right kind? She started a list in her head. After five minutes when she was still trying to figure out what number one was, she came to the conclusion that she really didn't know what the right kind of man for her was. Well what did that mean? Maybe it meant she really didn't know herself. That was the last thought Natalia had before drifting off to sleep.

It wasn't until the next evening that Natalia remembered the business card Vickie had given her. She found it still sitting on the coffee table in the living room where she had left it the night before. Picking it up she looked it over again, yep still a plain white card with a name and a number. She thought about what Vickie had said, "Pay a guy to be your dream lay…" Her dream lay? What was her dream lay? Settling back into the couch, she laid her head back and closed her eyes. She might not know what type of man was a personality match for her but she knew what she liked physically, she instantly conjured up the man that had played the lead role in most of fantasies since she was old enough to have such fantasies. She first saw his eyes, deep brown chocolate, they were so expressive. They were his best feature. He wouldn't be considered classical movie star handsome, his features were too harsh and grim for that. But to Natalia he was a perfectly sculptured example of a prime alpha male. He wore his dark hair unconventionally long, the soft slightly curled locks brushed his broad shoulders. He was stripped to the waist, as was her favorite look for him, his jeans rode low on his hips and his smoothly muscled shoulders gleamed a slight golden from an unknown light.

Getting more comfortable on the couch Natalia decided to go ahead and delve into the fantasy. In her mind's eye she could see herself sitting in the middle of white sheets on a huge four poster bed. She was already divested of all her clothes and was holding the sheets closely to her body. He approached the bed slowly, all his muscles rippling in smooth movements. Climbing onto the bed he reached out and took a hold of the sheet tugging it out of her hands. He then pushed her on her back so that he could lean over her. Placing a soft kiss on her shoulder blade, he let his hands roam over her. Soon one hand drifted in between her thighs, touching and stroking her to a fevered pitch. But it wasn't enough for her; she reached from his jeans and started shoving down over his hips. He left her for a mere second, before he was back covering her again with his naked body. He slipped into her like a hot knife cutting through butter, and instantly started a maddening pace. Within seconds Natalia found herself on the edge and struggling to go over, but like always she was unable to bring herself to orgasm.

Letting out a load frustrated groan, Natalia made up her mind. She wasn't going to spend any time mourning the loss of Dennis, which meant she needed to jumpstart the moving on process. She needed to get out of her apartment. She could go down to the new bar that just opened up down the street. One of the perks of being in the city, new bars opened up all the time. She'll find her rebound guy, have a one night stand and then worry about the rest on Monday. Going into the bathroom she took a quick shower and then changed into her sexiest outfit, a short jean skirt and a soft cashmere red halter. Strapping her feet into her favorite clubbing heels, they literally screamed "fuck me now." She headed out the door. Confident in her decision, after yesterday and that all too real fantasy, she needed to get laid and she needed it now. She wanted an orgasm and not a weak one that she was use to either.

Natalia turned to take another look around the bar; it was starting to get really over-crowded. She had been here for nearly four hours, had dance with several guys, but none had caught her fancy. She was starting to think it was time to head home when she saw a dark haired man staring at her. The way he held himself, Natalia knew he had to be a man of importance. She didn't know whether she should stand there and let him come to her or the other way around. Natalia decided to go to him; usually she would hang back and let the guy approach her. But since she would never have to encounter him again she decided she could show a little of her aggressive side. As she moved through the crowd towards him she took in the fact that he seemed familiar. Although she couldn't quite place why he seemed familiar, maybe she had seen him in passing on the train or something.

It wasn't until she was standing directly in front of him and she could see his face from the glow of the low lit lights that it dawn on her, he was the man from her fantasy. But how could that be, she had never met him before in her life she was sure of it. But never the less he was the physical identical match to her fantasy man. The impact of this knowledge left her completely speechless. His black hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail, but she knew that if he let it down it would brush is shoulders and she could tell it was slightly curly, as a few fly a-ways were starting to curl around his neck. The only difference was that he had a moustache and a short beard. When she saw his beautiful eyes start to cloud with slight concern she gave herself a mental shake and asked, "Hi I'm Natalia."

"Call me Mark. Have a seat Natalia." He said nodding his head toward the opposite side of his table. As she slid in, she noticed the table was hidden in the one of the corners. He turned and looked at her for a while before leaning in and saying, "I think we need an ice breaker."

Natalia gave a small gasp as she realized he was going to kiss her. The moment his soft lips touched hers, she moan in appreciation. His lips were cool and a bit moist and they covered hers, they molded to her lips, creating a solid seal against her mouth. She could feel his facial hair gently chafe her skin, instead of disliking the feeling; it turned her on even more. She scooted closer to him, and tilted her head. When his tongue traced the outline of her lips she gave another moan and opened her mouth so that he could push his tongue inside. She was ten seconds from climbing into his lap when he leaned back and ended the kiss.

Turning her head so she wasn't looking at him, she tried to regain herself. Wow! She had never been that close to jumping a virtual stranger in a public setting, but darn it if she wasn't ready to do it now.

"Look at me Natalia." Mark said.

The way he said it made Natalia tremble a bit, the command in it was obvious. Natalia took a deep breath and looked up at him. His eyes were darker and he held a slight smug look in them. She did another mental shake; of course she was affected by his kiss. He oozed experience; he knew what and how to get her hot in no time flat. A part of her was instantly saddened by this. "I think it's time we discussed a few rules."

"Rules?!" What kind of rules would they need? She just met him.

"If we're going to do this then yes you will have some rules."

"What are we doing?" She whispered. She didn't know why she whispering, it just seemed like a good idea.

"I think you know what we are doing." He said smoothly, reaching over and taking one of her hands into his. "Let's not play games. You came in here for a reason. I saw it the moment you walked in. I saw it when you were on the dance floor. I've watched you all night. I've seen you dance with half a dozen different guys."

Natalia sat in stunned silence; he had been watching her the whole night? She hadn't even noticed him. She had been so involved with getting laid that she had tuned a lot of things out, except the music and whoever she happened to be dancing with. She hadn't realized her blatant need was so, well, blatant.

Sliding out from his side of the booth, he stood and slid in next to her, taking her hand in his again he said, "Natalia, it's your choice. But you can't deny that you came here looking for something. I can give you that something, that kiss was just a sample of the night to come. But it's your choice. I'm not going to hurt you, or do anything you're not going to enjoy. "

Still sitting in stunned silence, he was right, that kiss had been 100 awesome. Even now while she was sitting here she was thinking about kissing him again. He was sure of himself; she knew she would find nothing but pleasure in his arms. But what would he get from this, "What would you get from all this?"

"I just moved here, I'm looking for the same thing you are. Some fun, plain and simple."

She knew she should probably think this over a bit longer, but that's what got her into boring relationships like what she and Dennis had. "Ok what are the rules?"

"Rule number one, I'm in charge." With that he stood and reached for her hand to help her up.

"Ok what are the other rules?" She asked as she followed him out the bar, and into the brisk night air.

"There aren't any other rules; if you can follow that one then we don't need any other rules."

"Ok." That makes since sort of.

"Did you drive here?" He asked as he stopped in front of a sleek black sports car.

"No, I took a cab."

He nodded his head in agreement then held the door out so she could step in, before shutting the door he leaned in and gave her a quick kiss, "I think we are both going to enjoy ourselves tonight."

She didn't know why, but that simple statement made her tremble yet again.

A few minutes later Natalia was stepping off a private elevator into the entrance way of the top floor of the new custom built condominiums. Looking around she let out a silent whistle, "This is gorgeous." And expensive, who was her mystery man? He obviously had money.

"No you're gorgeous." Mark said coming up behind her. Taking her purse he laid it down on the table that stood right outside the elevator. He kissed her on the side of her neck, "I want you to be sure about this."

Turning around she wound her arms around his neck, "I'm sure."

Giving another nod, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to a darken bedroom. Standing her on her feet, he stepped away. "Do you remember rule number one?"


"Good." Moving behind her, he grabbed a small black remote of the night stand and flipped the small lamp on at the same time. Then he moved across the room towards a reading chair, he stripped of his shirt and sat down. "Here's what's going to happen, you're going to strip for me and them you are going to lay down on the bed." He pushed a button and a soft sensual beat started wafting in from hidden speakers.

Again Natalia found herself in stunned silence. She hadn't really been paying attention to his words, since she couldn't take her eyes of his barred chest. She took back the idea that he was like her dream lover, he was hundred times better. But then his words forced their way into her preoccupied mind, she had never stripped for a man, nor had she ever had a man order her in such a matter. But Natalia admitted that this was starting to really turn her on. Splaying her legs apart she started moving to the beat, closing her eyes she imagined she was back on the dance floor of the bar. She moved in liquid motions, undulating her hips in slow waves. Reaching up she followed the curves over her hips, over her breasts and up behind her neck. She easily undid her halter's tie, and pulled the ends down in front of her. Again following her curves down her front she grabbed the hem of her shirt and slowly pulled it over her head. She smiled when she heard his murmur of approval, she had forgone a bra tonight.

She ran her fingertips over her nipples, they were already erected and waiting for his attention. But she continued a downward path until she came to the top of her skirt. It took her a while to undo the button and zipper; her hands had started to shale badly, as she looked into his eyes. The cool exterior he was projecting to her as he watched her strip didn't match the fire that was in his eyes. As she shimmied out of her skirt, she made sure to put more swing into her hips. She gently stepped out of her skirt and started towards the bed. At his raised eyebrow, she grabbed the four poster bed and turned away from him. Bending over she undid the straps of her shoes and slowly stepped out of them as well.

She moved to the other side of the bed, since it was so big the lower half of her body was hidden from his view. She removed her thong and climbed onto the bed, which wasn't easy when she was trying to be sexy and smooth, the thing was huge. When she had finally managed to settle herself on the bed, Mark moved from the chair, removing his clothing as he went. Natalia marveled at the way his muscles moved as he strolled towards her. She was reminded of a male panther, in the full of his prime, getting ready to mate. It was a heady feeling. He climbed on the bed with such ease, that Natalia secretly envied him.

She expected him to cover her as soon as he came on the bed; instead he reclined beside her. "All night I watched you dance with those other men. But I knew you weren't going to go home with one of them. They would never have been able to give you what you wanted," he lean down and gave one of her nipples a long lick, "or needed." He sat up and reached for both her hands, gathering them in one of his massive hand, he pinned them above her. He then settled back down on her side, and gave her nipple another long lick.

The sensation was so good that Natalia could do nothing but arch her back in appreciation. He gave her nipple another lick before he attached his mouth to it and begin to suck and nibble on the erected bud. He used his free hand to message and plumped the other breast. Soon Natalia was on the edge and she was convinced she was going to come any moment. She never knew her nipples were so sensitive. She tried to retrieve her hands from his so she could touch him, and return the pleasure he was giving her, but he tighten his grip on hers. "I want to touch you."

"I know, but I've been on the edge since first seeing you and I know I want last long with you touching me. Just relax and enjoy what I'm giving you." He said running his free hand down her stomach. He released the nipple he had in his mouth with a pop, and leaned over to pay the other homage. The same moment he used his teeth to graze the nipple he pushed a finger inside her.

Natalia moaned with pleasure and pushed her hips up tempting him to go deeper. He complied with her restless mews and pushed in another finger. Once he started rubbing his thumb over her click, Natalia knew she was lost, she arched her back and moaned his name as she came. He continued to stroke inside her and kissed her breasts until her breathing returned to normal. Once she could get enough air in her lungs she whispered, "Please, I need more of you inside me now."

"Soon." Was all he said, his lips pressed against her left breast. Then licked a slow path to the valley in between her breasts, and then continued on lower. When Natalia realized where he was headed, she had her first doubt of the night. That was a little personal for her; she had only had one boyfriend to actually perform such an intimate service. Feeling her tension he calmly said, "Relax Natalia, I promised you I wouldn't do anything you wouldn't enjoy, right?" He didn't look up to see her quick nod; he just traced her nether lips with his tongue.

This time when she came, his name was a scream on her lips. Her hands were locked tight in his hair, holding him close to her. When she regained her senses, she had reached her limit. He had given her two out–of- this-world orgasms, and hadn't even been inside her. "Now, Mark. Come inside me, NOW!"

This time he left her for a few seconds to get a condom out of the night stand, and then he was on her again. He shoved his tongue inside her mouth the same time he thrust inside her. He held himself still, allowing her body to get used to him. He suckled her tongue before releasing it and place small wet kiss along her jaw line. She lifted her hips, signaling that she wanted him to start moving on her. His strokes were long and drawn out. But after those two orgasms, her body was already primed and sensitive, she was coming a third time very quickly. Her climaxed signaled his and this time it was her name being called out.

Tuesday found Natalia back at her desk, staring blankly at her computer screen. It had been like this the whole day. She had not been able to concentrate on any work. Actually she hadn't been able to concentrate or think about anything except her Saturday night escapades. Mark had been like no other man she had been with. His sexual drive had met hers, and there were some points throughout the night that she feared she wouldn't be able to keep up with him. In that night she had experienced more things in bed, then she had in her entire sexual history. In the wee hours he had convinced her to let him tie her to the bed. She had really enjoyed that part. When the first raises of light from the rising sun had drifted in, Natalia had eased out from beneath him and sneaked out of the penthouse. She knew she should have stayed and said something, but she was never good at the morning-after conversation, and since they both knew it was just a night of fun, she figured the "talk" wasn't needed. But knowing that it was all for fun, didn't changed the fact that her head wouldn't get him out of it, nor her body forget the things he did to her.

"Hey hon, you ready to go the meeting?" Vickie asked her, coming into her cubicle. Today they were having a mass meeting with the new management team. The CEO, Markus McAllister, was giving the keynote speech today.

"Yeah I guess so, are you bringing anything to take notes with?" Natalia asked, putting her computer on sleep.

"Naw, I figured today is really just going to be a pep talk. You know calm the fears and rumors."

They both headed down the hall towards the elevator. The meeting was being held at a local hotel's conference auditorium. So they had to walk to the meeting, which was fine with Natalia, the fresh air would help clear her mind. Once they were outside, Vickie pounced, "Okay what's up with you?"

"What are you talking about?" Natalia stalled.

"C'mon, we're been best friends since grade school. I know when some thing's bothering you. Please don't tell me your still hung on Dennis; jeez it's been a whole weekend."

Natalia gave her a dry look, "No I'm not still stuck on Dennis, thankfully. You were right he's not worth the time."

"Great. But if it's not Dennis then what is it. Did you call the guy?"


"Ahh…I was hoping you would so I could ask if he was good."

"I'm going to need you not to be obsessed with a gigolo."

"I'm not obsessed, and you're hiding something."

"I'm not."

"You mind as well go ahead and tell me, I'll find out sooner or later."

Natalia looked at her friend, she was right once again. "I didn't call that guy, but I did go out, Saturday night."

"Lemme guess you met someone." She said knowingly.

"Uh huh."

"What's his name?"


"Mark who? What does he do?"

"I don't know." Natalia said quietly.

"You don't know?" she asked incredulously. "Well what do you know?"

"I know he's an excellent kisser and a skilled lover." Natalia said softly. They had reached the hotel and were merging into a big group with some of their other co-workers. Even though she had no regrets about Saturday, she didn't feel like broadcasting to the whole world.

"Wait," Vickie said stopping her friend as they walked in the hotel. She grabbed her hand and dragged her to the side, "Are you telling me you had a one night stand with a guy you met in a bar?"

"Yeah." She said slowly.

Vickie stared at her for a few more seconds before give a small squeak and hugging Natalia tight. "I'm so proud of you!"

"Wait why?" Natalia said completely confused.

"Granted I'm not to thrill with the whole meeting someone in the bar scenario, but at least you let yourself go. So how was he?"

"Amazing." Natalia confided.

"Is that why you've been so distracted today?"

"Yeah, I can't stop thinking about him."

"And you don't know how to get in touch with him?"

"All I know is his name and where he lives."

"Well that's something.'

"Yeah but it was a one night stand, nothing more. I'm just stuck because it was mind-blowing sex."

"That tends to do it. Fine, we'll go out next week and find you someone else."

"I think I'm going to take a break from men, at least for a while. I don't want to chance another Dennis." Natalia said as they started back in with the crowd. As they poured into the auditorium, Natalia looked over the sea of faces. It never failed to amaze her of how many people actually worked in the same building with her. Sometimes it was easier to forget about anyone outside of her immediate floor.

"Who said anything about a relationship, I'm talking about a sex-buddy, someone to ease the edge, from time to time." Vickie whispered as they took their seats.

Natalia stared at her friend in disbelief, "I think it's time to end this conversation."

"For now." Vickie said before their vice president came up on stage.

After a long and boring speech about keeping company morale up, Natalia was ten seconds from falling out of her chair in a dead sleep. That man should think about going in to the hypnotizing business. He would make a killing selling his voice to insomnias all over the world. After the first sentence Natalia had switched of her mind, preferring to let it drift away instead of staying there and dying of boredom. Immediately her mind went to Mark. She really needed to stop this small infatuation she was developing. So what if the guy was good in bed? And she was now afraid that she would never have that again, life went on, right?

"And now without further ado, I introduce our key speaker for the day, Mr. Markus McAllister. Natalia gave herself a mental shake, clearing her mind as she watched a dark haired man come up on stage, then gave a choked cry as she recognized who it was.

"What's wrong?" Vickie asked a concern look on her face.

Natalia ignored her as the ramifications of her wild night ran through her mind. She'd slept with her boss! She forced herself to bring in small gulps of air, she watched as Mark or Markus, looked across the audience. She knew the instant he saw her, for his eyes stayed longer than necessary. Not good. He continued on, and then started his speech. Natalia listened half-heartedly. When the speech was finally over, Natalia waited for the people around her to leave. There was drinks and refreshments being served in the hotel's restaurant, a meet and greet kind of thing. Instead of moving with the herd, Natalia headed straight for the office, with Vickie in tow.

Natalia was sitting at her desk again, when she got the email from Janet, the administrative assistant. Markus wanted to see her in his office immediately. Natalia hung her head in defeat, this was it. He was going to let her go. At least he was doing it in person, although she wasn't sure that was any better. It didn't take her long to reach the top floor, giving Janet a tight smile; she was ushered into a conference room. Sitting around the table was Markus, and her boss's immediate boss John Smith, the vice president, and two other high management types. What was going on?

"Hi Ms. Craig, have a seat please." John said. He made quick introductions before saying, "The reason we called you in today is because we want to offer you Mr. Cole's position."

A stunned Natalia asked, "What?"

"I know how much work you've been doing for Mr. Cole. The first thing any new management does is get rid of the fat. In most cases that would mean getting rid of your job, but no one in their right mind would keep Mr. Cole and lose you. So we want to offer you a raise."

"It would be effect immediately." One of the other management types added in.

John then went about explaining what the raise detailed, "So what do you think, will you accept?"

"I-I…yes of course." She finally risked a look at Markus, who had been quite the whole meeting. He returned her look with a calm one.

"Great!" John said, rising to shake her hand. The other managers, except Markus, rose and shook her hand, before leaving the room with John. "Well I'll leave the rest up to Markus. Stop by my office tomorrow Ms. Craig and we can go over the immediate projects."

"Thank you Mr. Smith."

When they were finally gone, Natalia turned back to Markus, but she refused to look at him directly. Well this was awkward; she had no idea what she should say to him. Fortunately he took the decision out of her hand, "Look at me Natalia." There he goes giving commands again. She shifted her eyes to his, darn it they were even more breath taking in the daylight.

"Yes Mr. McAllister."

At her formal addressing his lips curved slightly, "Did you know who I was before you approached me?"

She looked at him dumbfounded, what was he implying, "No sir I did not."

"I have to ask, Natalia. I don't want there to be secrets between us. I want this relationship to start on a good foundation."

Relationship? He must mean their business relationship, "I don't make it a habit of lying to my bosses, sir."

"Good I would hope not. Come here Natalia." He said standing up from his chair at the head of the table. When she made no move to come to him, he asked "Have you forgotten rule number one already?"

Natalia let out a small sigh, "We aren't playing that game anymore. And this is neither the time nor the place to bring such things up."

"You're right we aren't playing a game. So come here Natalia." This time the commandment was said with a little more steel in it. She stood from her a chair and walked towards him, stopping just short of him. "I didn't like waking up and not finding you there."

"I thought it was for the best. It was supposed to be a night of fun, remember."

"I remember. I remember everything about that night; I can't stop thinking about that night. I must admit I was surprise to find out you worked for me. But as far as I'm concerned that just made things easier."

"How so?"

"Now I won't have to waste time hiring someone to find you," he said closing the gap between them. He took her in his arms and before his lips claimed hers he said, "And I would have found you Natalia."

She didn't fight him for long; she had been craving and thinking about nothing else since the day of the meeting. She quickly ran her hands up to his hair, threading her fingers through the silky threads. When he started to unbutton her suit jacket, she regained her sense. "No wait, we can't do this. You're my boss. We're in a conference room, anyone can walk in. Plus you're my BOSS!"

"Yeah I know, and I've never had an office romance, in normal situations they aren't worth the hassle. But this isn't a normal situation. You aren't an option for me," He leaned down and picked her up, he then sat her down on the table. Pushing her skirt up her thighs, he opened them and stepped in between. Angling her so her softer lower part came in contact with his much harder lower part, he said against her lips, "you're a need."

When he finally release her mouth, she said in between small gasp, "I want to make sure you know I don't think this is going to work," There were too many unknowns and issues, they needed to work out. But on the other hand, he was a good kisser.

"Duly noted" He said before reaching for his zipper.

"Can you at least lock the door?" she asked as she shimmied out of her underwear.

The End