My eyes fluttered open at the soft touch on my cheeks. It lingered from the stroke of my hair and down to tickle my nose. The rough fingers lined my lips and after much teasing, someone laid beside me on the green grass, absorbing the day's sunlight. I turned my head slightly to the side, and there he lay so perfectly with his eyes closed, his lips curved into a smirk.

I can't remember exactly how we got here. The field was of different shades of green with a few dots of spring flowers here and there. In the horizon, there was a small hill with a low tree perched on it. In the background, the mountains seemed so far away and I could hear a stream nearby, endlessly flowing. The sky was the softest blue that ever existed. Then and there, several fluffy clouds decorated the vast blue canvas. It felt serene and ultimately calm.

I shifted my body, facing towards him. In my hand, there was a long wilted yellow leaf. I made my move, inching closer and tried to poke the leaf near his pointed nose. He caught my hand suddenly and I gasped out loud as he swiftly pinned me down. His blue-grey eyes bore into mine. I became fixated.

"Hello there, beautiful." His velvet voice shattered my weak heart and I stammered back a hello. He laughed so freely and rested again beside me with his hands never letting go mine. At some point of the comfortable silence, where only chirping birds and our breaths were heard, he stood up and pulled me along with him. He was taller than me by a few inches and no matter how I try tip-toeing, it will never work. I should have worn a pair of heels instead of these flip flops.

He led me a few steps away from where we sunbathed to a picnic site. There, a red and white checkered cloth was spread out and a brown basket was placed on top of it. Inside, after we went barefoot and sat down facing each other, I looked and he brought out exactly two warm double cheese burgers. He looked at me, innocently as I looked at him, too, my expression unfathomable.

Both of us let out a laugh before biting into the exclusive meal. I couldn't stop smiling sheepishly and stared at him as he chewed slowly. His sparkling white teeth showed as he tried to talk with his mouth full. Oh, he's so cute. I felt everything in me was overwhelmed that if visible, it could have been seen pouring out of me. Is this love?

"Come, Annie, there's something I want to show you." Like a blind man with his guide dog, I followed. His hands casually wrapped around my shoulders and it felt warm despite the breezy weather in spring. We trudged along a pathway; rocks positioned on a straight line to the stream I heard before. The water surface sparkled like diamonds and as I dipped my feet, he pushed me into the river.

Of course, he jumped in right after me and held me for I panicked and forgot how to breathe evenly underwater. Well, his holding me didn't get anything better anyway. My breathing got worse. Damn him and his presence. I hit him a couple of times because he pushed me in. He finally released his hug.

"Why did you do that?" I demanded and sat down by the river bank with wet clothes and brought my knees close to my chest. He was still in there, spraying water towards me. I wasn't mad. Instead, I felt excited and splashed water at him too. For the rest of the day, we played, talked and just walked by the river. I never knew I would be so into this cheesy stuff.

The sun finally set and we were already drained. I had the best time of my life here. It felt nice, having someone to love and to love you back. Even if all we did was spend some time together, well, it was those moments that really matters. Even if all of this seemed so unreal, like a dream during a good night's sleep, it didn't matter. If you only know it happened, and it will happen again somewhere else, then it is okay.

"You can wake up now." He whispered quietly and instantly my eyes felt heavy.

"Who are you, really?" I got the chance to ask. My head rested on his shoulders and we were both admiring the peaceful sunset.

"I'm the man of your dreams." With that, I fell into a deep slumber and woke up again, in the usual place. My room was normal, just like I left it the night before. I was disoriented, disbelieved. After awhile, I looked out to my window. The neighbourhood was sleeping still, the alarm clock on my bedside table flashed in bright red, 5:57 AM.

It was just a dream but someday, sometime, just maybe, I have a shot at feeling the same way again. Perhaps love will come to me and I just have to wait patiently. Yeah, I'm waiting for the man of my dreams. I went back to sleep again, feeling much more satisfied now and smiled at the thought of all the tomorrows that is to come.

I longed to hear that sweet voice again.