The first chapter of the Eariee Project is now LIVE


Any one who hasn't heard about out little project, The Eariee Project is an online illustrated novel by *Cae-sar and myself.
Writing by myself and drawings by *Cae-sar. Story by both of us.

The first chapter is now up and the first page of the second chapter will be up tomorrow. Sunday the 8th, 6pm here in perth Aust.

~avymusdid a lovely painting for us! check out her new page.

Feed back on the site would be awesome. There are a few glitches in IE browser, which Julia's tried to mend with no luck. But who uses IE any way. Also just had a major problem with Comicpress which resulted in my losing 5 pages, just re-added those.

This is going to be a challenge for both of us, so please give us any feedback or criticism you have. Julia's done a wonderful job on the website design, so it's left to me to try and write decently.

The first 4 chapters have been written and we have a pretty good head start on this P:

Due to its nature of being a novel and not a comic its going to take at least 30 pages to get going. The story is really going to pick up around chapter 4 so please be patient