Umbrellas and Elephants
Kir Sirin

-Inspired by a song by Cinematic Sunrise called "Umbrellas and Elephants."-

Rae didn't care.

She didn't give a shit about it. Emily was wrong and she was right. End of story. Nothing's going to change her mind.

Not even the tears coursing down her cold cheeks.

None of it mattered. She never wanted to see Emily again. She could spend the rest of her life with this hate burning her insides.

Emily was just a stupid girl; no better than anyone else. Rae didn't need her, and after Emily's speech, it was apparent that she didn't need Rae either.

"I hate this!" Emily cried.
"I hate you!"

The look on Emily's broken face was enough to make Rae cry.

If she cared.

But she didn't. She didn't care about anything or anyone Nothing mattered and nothing ever would.

She didn't need anyone.

There was a knock on the door, more like a pounding, and Rae answered it. It was pouring rain outside. Rae hadn't even noticed it. Every drop of translucent water could be heard- loud as a strike of thunder.

And in the middle of the shaking threshold was Emily.

She was soaked to the bone, the brunette shivering violently, and Rae couldn't tell if the water falling down her face were tears or the rain.

"Rae…" Emily whispered faintly. It seemed that the rain had also taken the strength in her voice along with her inner warmth.

Rae took a deep breath as Emily took her shaking hand and cupped her cheeks. A stray wisp of brown hair fell into Rae's golden-brown eyes. She tried to manage a scowl, but when Emily pulled her out into the rain and kissed her hard, Rae could only sigh.

What an idiot. Rae though with a smile in her eyes as they kissed. What a sap. They ran their hands through each other's mazes of hair and Rae continued to smile.

What a…

"Rae stop thinking and just admit you love me." Emily stated irritably. Rae smirked and pulled Emily closer to her as she started to shiver as well.

"Fine. I love you."

What a genius.

Kir Sirin.