Rainbow Fragments
Kir Sirin.

-Read a poem, had the writing feeling, tried to ignore it, but my chest ached and I ended up writing this. Enjoy.-

"Look at all the daffodils!" Kira cried happily. She ran through the meadow and back to Kelsey.

Kelsey couldn't help but smile.

Kira's green eyes grew brighter in the sunlight and her brown curls were highlighted with ultraviolet rays. She grabbed Kelsey's wrist and said, "Come on!" Kelsey was pulled into the meadow of wafting, white flowers and felt the breeze fall down her slim torso.

There was nothing but daffodils for miles. Kelsey had never seen anything like it. The sight of such pure simplicity was enough to make anyone stop and stare. There were no trees in sight; only white flowers. The meadow smelled of the rain it had received the night before, and the wind carried pure petals in the air like secret gifts to give the two girls.

Kira pulled the mesmerized girl down to the ground with her and smothered some of the soft flowers as they laid on their backs; gazing at the deep blue sky vacant of any clouds.

Kira was smiling as she stared at the sky.

Kelsey was blushing as she stared at Kira.

The only sound was the wind wafting pass them and, finally, Kira's sigh as she turned towards Kelsey. The brunette smiled and rested her soft cheek on Kelsey's shoulder.

"What?" The boy-poser Kelsey asked.

"Nothing." Kira giggled, a light and bubbly sound, and shrugged. "Just thinking."

"Thinking what?" Kelsey grinned to keep her mind off her fluttering heart and to hopefully set the illusion that she felt calm with Kira's face so close to hers.

"About how your black hair reflects all the colors of a rainbow when the sun hits it right… Like now."

Kelsey swallowed; failing at her attempt to push the blush away. It crept up onto her face like a second shadow.

Kira smiled sheepishly. "It's stupid, I know." She let out another sigh and shook her head. To Kelsey's regret, she turned back on her backside and put some distance between the two of them. "I shouldn't have said anything."

Suddenly, Kelsey was straddling a very startled Kira. She smiled down at the blushing brunette, glad to catch her off guard for once, and whispered, "It's not stupid." She bent down and placed a small kiss on the edge of Kira's mouth, but Kira pulled on the collar of Kelsey's baggy, gray shirt and tugged her back down for a silent kiss.

The coquettish brunette smiled when she felt the girl's cheeks on top of her burn underneath a cooling hand. At that exact moment, Kelsey's short, black hair was reflecting every color known to man. It swallowed Kira's face in rainbow-like fragments.

Neither of them noticed as their eyes fluttered shut and their breaths connected. But both of them were cast in rainbow-like hues emanating from Kelsey's dark head of hair.

In that simple field of daffodils, their hearts became light.

And the handcuffs tightened around their wrists.

Kir Sirin.