Cinnamon Lips and Candy Kisses.
Kir Sirin.

-The urge to write was a little too overpowering when I entered that damn candy shop the other day.People actually do say I taste like strawberries though! Weird, huh?-

"Haven't you ever wondered what you taste like?" Emily asked as she smiled at Rae. They were sitting near a park that had been overrun by children screaming and crying out wildly. They had stopped and waited to see one of them fall off the monkey bars. Rae simply turned and sat on the curb of the street without a word and her back turned from the little kids.

"What?" Rae asked as Emily sat next to her.

"Well… Everyone I've ever kissed says that I taste like strawberries. Has anyone ever told you that?" Emily suddenly grinned and leaned into Rae's face. "Have you even been kissed?"

Rae blushed and looked away stubbornly. Emily continued to smile as she leaned back.

"Thought so." There was a silent pause as a car raced passed them. "Would you like to find out?"

"Find out what?"

"Find our what you taste like." Emily stated simply and bluntly. She didn't meet Rae's eyes, she was too busy gazing at the great sky above her. Her brown hair shifted as she turned slightly and looked at Rae with unreadable hazel eyes.

"I… Um…" Rae couldn't look away from the brunette's eyes as they sent electricity through her. She wanted to say 'no', but Emily had already claimed her mouth.

Rae couldn't help but blink her golden-brown eyes closed.

It was a lingering kiss, and, as Emily roamed her mouth, Rae began to feel this warm sensation in her stomach. Much like butterflies.

Rae could feel Emily's hand fall into her shoulder-length, brown hair, and she was about to do the same when a car honked at the two girls.

Rae instinctively shoved Emily off.

The cosplaying brunette fell on her back and started to laugh at the distraught look on her other's blushing face.

Emily picked herself up and smiled warmly despite the sudden rejection. "You taste like…" Her hazel eyes held a thoughtful gaze as she cupped Rae's face. "You taste like cinnamon."

"Cinnamon?" Rae pulled her head back but Emily simply leaned forward.

"Strawberry Cinnamon…" Emily smiled softly. "I like it. How about you?"

"Uh…" Rae couldn't make herself pull back any further without falling. She felt like a freak with her neck outstretched so far back, but she didn't want Emily on top of her.

Emily paused for a reply, and when Rae didn't give one, she simply laughed and kissed her again.

Strawberry Cinnamon was going to be the new Flavor of Life.

Their life.

Kir Sirin.