Some lyrics are from Mae "Just Let Go" and Lifehouse "Everything".

Emotional Amnesia.
Kir Sirin.

We've got all night just to make it all right
Would you take a walk with me?
I'll give you all I've got just spare me your time
and I promise you won't want to leave
Are you, are you falling for me?
This time we'll find what we both need

You don't feel.

You said so yourself so don't try and take those words back now.

Because I'm about to use them against you.

I believe you when you say things like that. Because I can relate. But I will disagree wholeheartedly if you dare to say that none of this is your fault.

It's all your fault.

You're scared. You are and I'm sorry if that takes a bite out of your 'precious pride', but it's the truth.

You will never feel anything if you are too scared to take any chances.

You can get close, sure you can, but you will never truly feel. If you live your life so reserved and reclusive… No one will be able to get as close to you for you to feel true happiness.

True sadness.

True love.

You may think of me as a romantic, silly, coquettish, self-indulgent, callous creature, but I assure you, the words you read now are anything but.

there's an old oak tree
we could swing and sway
we'd lock arms and legs (you're so far away)
when I look at you, you're so far away
Oh, so far away
Oh, if you could just let go.

Love means jumping in front of one person and saying with your arms outstretched, "Here I am. This is me. Everything you see and more. Take a good look… Do you think you could love me?"

Love is a question; "Can you love someone like me?"
Love is a game; "Let's see who can fall first."
Love is role; "I'll be me and you be you and let's seehow the movie ends."
Love is a promise; "I will never leave you."

The same rules apply to every other emotion.

Sadness is a sound; The sound of a dream shattering.

Happiness is a sight; The sight of someone's smile.

Anger is a mask; The mask to hide our breaking hearts.

Confusion is an excuse; An excuse to escape from reality.

Jealousy is a memory; A memory of what we wish we had.

But Love can combine all of these feelings into one sentence: "You shall be my greatest inspiration and my worst downfall."

Would you rest with me just for a while?
I'll take you out of harm's way
Like these branches that shelter the rain
We can lay here in our own shade
Are you, are you falling for me?
Just watch, the two of us will see

Love is pain, happiness, anger, confusion, jealousy, everything. To have the courage to jump into something like that is to have the courage to jump in front of a moving train.

But we still do it.

If you're frightened, you can always ask for my help. The best part about it is that I'll always be there to pull you out of harms way. Haven't I showed, time and time again, that I care for you?

You may say it, you may think it, but you will never feel it unless you have the strength to let go of everything.

I can find someone else's arms to run into. I'm sure you know that.

But I choose you.

This love is killing me, but you're the only one I can feel right with. You're the only one I want to smile for. The only one I want to look pretty for. The only one I want to laugh with and to cherish every single moment with. You're the one I want to cry with. The one that I want to confide in, no matter what happens.

You're the one I want.

There's an old oak tree
We could swing and sway
We'll lock arms and legs (you're so far away)
When I look at you, you're so far away
Oh, so far away
Oh, if you could just let go

No one can tell you you're in-love, but yourself. Sure, everything you do may suggest that you harbor feelings for me, but unless your willing to risk everything, you wont ever feel it.

Not when I kiss you.

Not when I hug you.

Not when I smile at you.

The same thing goes with everyone else you meet. Unless you're willing to jump in and forget about consequences and thinking; This will end someday, you will never feel a damn thing.

I cannot say that I have gone to hell for your love, but often I found myself there in your pursuit.

There is so much that I can give to you
Just say you want me to
I know these roots can break the ground
and in the meantime our leaves will turn
but rest assured, we'll get through anything
Are you, are you falling for me?
Like I'm, oh, I'm falling for you

I sit under these falling stars and I cant help but think of you. I wonder if you miss me; wherever you are. I've made so many plans, but can I do them without you?

You've twisted everything around and now I find my plans twisting the same way.

It was a simple job, but, at the height of my power, I risked what I had to do to prove that I loved you. My heart ached as my mind screamed out against my every action, but I could not bring myself to be caught in such an act as that.

I find myself writing in this puzzlingly way that I can only hope your mind can understand.

I've played these mind games on you to try and figure you out, but, sadly my dear, none of them have fully worked. I have you in pieces but they keep transforming into different shapes everyday.

It frustrates me.

It intrigues me.

It's the most complex thing I have ever come across. You're this wonderful puzzle that I will never fully understand. I can spend my whole life trying to figure you out, and, if I die without learning your secrets behind those locked doors, I will probably spend my entire afterlife wondering who exactly you were.

Because I have never come across someone so alike, yet so different, from me.

You're my exact opposite.

And yet you're my only equal.

There's an old oak tree
We could swing and sway
We'd lock arms and legs (you're so far away)
It's just you and me, we can get away
We can get away (you're so far away)
and in this lover's play we are happy here
Oh, in every way
Oh, and then we just let go
Just let go..
Just let go..

You have to learn how to love yourself before you can ever love me. You wonder what I see in you, why I want you so badly, and you ask ridiculous questions like; Is this ever going to work?

But I have this to say to you: "How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you? Could you tell me how could it be any better than this? Because you're everything."

That's what love is.

You could be trapped in a cave with one person and still have the greatest time of your life because all you need is that one person.

Don't be afraid of the after-effects.

Don't be afraid to let everything go in search of something.

Let your heart free and yourself feel.

Because, for some reason, I still want you. Even now. I shake my head, because you are not you, and I still cant fight that awful feeling away.

I've come to despise how hard of a hold you have on my heart.

Just let go.