Procrastination and Cotton Candy

Will power,

Terribly sorry to leave you on such short notice,

But I really had to go and catch that train of thought.

Yes, the one that only comes by the station every three weeks or so―

Hey, it was completely necessary!

And I had enough trouble trying to catch it

Without you trying to strangle me on my way out the door.

(Since when do you work out?)

Anyway, there's no need to worry,

Your friends, Resolution and Determination will be there to keep you company,

And I brought Creativity and Spontaneity with me.

(Nothing can go wrong with them around.)

What's that?

Yes, what about Responsibility?

He needs a vacation anyway.

And, oh! Will you look at the time!

I really should get going―

Oh, don't lecture me about scheduling now!

I'll leave my phone on in case you get scared

At home, alone.

See you later!



"Hi, you've reached Me,

I'm currently not paying attention

So leave me a message after the beep!")