i used to wish these bruises would never fade.
the stains you left on my skin would make me feel almost infinite
almost like i was yours...
when you'd hold me, it was because i was cold;
and you never kissed me when you wanted to
trying to search for my bliss between your lips,
i just can't find my footing anymore

in your arms underneath the stars
finding shapes in our sky but never connecting to a heart.
trying too hard to find my shape in you
we're escalating, evalation
where the air is thin and you're suppose to be my air
but i'm losing my mind to the touch, now
and i always thought that i'd want
to just lose control, just once...


jaded and burnt,
i've left my bed unmade for so long
waking up to the thoughts of our late night talks
the center of my mind is riding on autopilot
heading straight into thunderstorms,
straight back into your arms.
crushed underneath your mouth,
crashing into your chest

i thought your hand fit so well in mine,
but there's still something i'm trying to find
exchanging sanity for a distorted reality
no worth in mind, yet i'd still waste plenty of time
i have you under my skin
but now
i want you busting through my bones.