I stand in a lonely room

Filled with beautiful faces

Yet in my eyes

I see no true beauty.

The boy on my left

Flashes me a winning smile

Yet my eyes go to his heart

Where all his wicked thoughts are stored.

A young man comes to me

And begins to say sweet words

But my ears only listen

To the profanities of his soul.

I sit alone

A teardrop falling like a shard.

I wish for the one man

Whose heart is as beautiful as his face.

The men surrounding me

Are nothing but shells;

Beautiful on the outside

But hiding disgrace deep inside themselves.

But then I feel some warmth

I look up and smile

A man with no great beauty

With no infinite grace

Walks up to me.

Yet I see not his awkward gaze

Nor his battered clothes

I only see his eyes

The windows to the soul.

There I see great compassion

And a love for all things beautiful.

I see a helping hand

Stretching towards those in need.

I smile softly

I take his hand

I leave the beautiful shells

And gaze onto the awkward boy.

But, when he smiled

A smile so bright and true

As a butterfly in a cocoon

His beautiful soul burst out

Leaving his face as beautiful

As his kind and gentle heart.