Alright, some adult content in this one kiddies. I edited this chapter, because it bothered me in an intense way. Anyways, thanks for reading and what not, hope you enjoy.

"They don't matter."Jade whispered to my forehead, kissing it softly. My arms had snaked their way about his waist and I gave him a squeeze. "Do you want to come up?" He asked again. Again I hesitated, but then for a reason not entirely clear to me, I nodded. He beamed, pulling out of our embrace and leading the way up the cracked mossy stone steps to the peeling door of his condo. The outside was deceiving.

As the door opened into the condo my eyes widened. What easily could have been a dank bachelor's flat, was a bright, warm, and well furnished home.

There was one small leather couch, a nice, if small, TV, a well equipped kitchen, and what I assumed was a bedroom down a narrow hallway opposite where we stood at the door. The kitchen, dining room, and living room were all crammed into one petite space; no walls separated the hardwood floored rooms.

Jade moved into the kitchen, slipping off his shoes as he went, the thin jacket he had been wearing soon joined them on the floor. He was left wearing a plain white tee-shirt that showed off his built torso, hugging close to his body; a pair of stained and worn blue jeans, riding low on his hips that accentuated the magnificence of his upper half.

"Want anything to eat?" He asked, opening the small refrigerator. I shook my head but his back was to me; my paranoia lightened. Jade wasn't expecting anything to happen. I was just in his home, like a friend, but I was still terribly nervous. "Something to drink then?" He suggested, correctly interpreting my silence. He turned around, holding up a can of beer. I faltered yet again. I had only had alcohol a few times with Rex, they had all been hard liquors, but I figured that a beer would be just as bad as Vodka or any of the other drinks I'd had.

I shook my head. Jade nodded, putting the can back on the shelf and retreating with two cans of soda instead.

"Alright then." He laughed a little, throwing himself onto the couch beside me. I gave him a wary smile in return, starting a little when our hands brushed in the transfer. "Chill, it's a soda and some talk." He laughed again, those eyes dancing beautifully with amusement.

I smiled truly this time, unable to protect myself from the infectious quality of every quirk to his lips. "I'll try." I agreed, my lips pursed in mock concentration as I popped the tab of the soda. He laughed again, trills running through my stomach as his legs stretched over mine. A thrill of satisfaction brought a brighter smile to my lips, I was glad I could make him laugh. My eyes focused contentedly on the miniature coffee table that held the weight of both our legs as Jade repositioned himself so that his ankles crossed over mine, his back slouched against the corner of the small couch. Had I not been scrunched into the respective corner as I was, hip to knee would have been pressed against him.

I stared at our feet dully through the silence, until an unexpected point jabbed into my side.

"I've never had a beer." I managed to admit, gazing at the can.

"These are good ones." Jade assured me with a smile, bringing over the six-pack he had, beckoning me to sit on the couch that took up most of the living room space. I sat, feeling nervous, almost dropping the beer when he handed it to me. He opened his can easily, taking a sip as he watched me. I fumbled with mine, my nerves causing my motions to be shaky and ineffective. When I finally succeeded he smiled, leaning foreword, putting a hand on mine.

"It's just a drink." He said, amused.

I nodded and took a small sip, nearly choking in my aversion to swallowing it. Coughing lightly, I drew another amused look from Jade.

"Do you like it?" He asked.

"It's terrible." I croaked, but laughing all the same, Jade joining in with his mesmerizing laugh. We were sitting so our backs were leaning against the arms of the couch, our legs meeting and resting on each other. I continued to drink the beer finding that the taste became more pleasant with the second can.

We talked about different things, none of any real significance.

We talked and we drank, we laughed and drank some more. I began to feel light headed after my second beer, everything would make me crack a smile, by my third I was laughing animatedly when a joke was only mildly funny. I was talking eagerly about personal things, my mother, my home life, girlfriends, things I never would have said normally. Jade cut me off after my sixth can, I could tell he wasn't nearly as drunk as me, but at the time didn't care.

I was talkative and happy, my words were slightly slurred and I found I was enjoying myself. I wasn't trashed, though I was definitely drunk, but within a few more cans I would have been.

After a while however, conversation ran short. At one particularly long pause Jade was facing the window, his legs drawn into him. The light was fading, but the rosy glow from the window, lit angelically on his elegant features.

"What do we do now?" I asked, drawing those wonderful eyes back to me. Jade seemed to ponder this for a moment before leaning foreword. His hand reached out, fixing the collar of my shirt. I was wearing a light blue buttoned shirt, the collar always flipped up on it, but it looked good on me. I grinned serenely at this soft act, but was startled when he gripped the fabric and pulled me foreword. Our lips met, his arm circling my neck, keeping me there. I didn't mind much, not even when I felt his hand on my thigh. His outside leg slipped off the couch as he brought himself closer to me. I let my leg fall as well, my hands finding their place at his hips. Jade's hand continued to rise up my thigh, transitioning from the outside to the inside. Sliding up past my hips, his hands slipped under my shirt and jacket. I shivered with the sensation of his skin on mine. His hands continued to roam the new territory, lifting my shirt as he ran his fingers over the slight contours of my chest. In my more relaxed state, I didn't hesitate to partake in the dance he proposed with his tongue.

Frustrated with the restraint of my jacket, Jade's soft hands ceased the caresses to work the zipper that would free me of it. I don't remember him slipping the material from my shoulders, but it was gone when he pushed me backwards to lie on the couch. The leather was chilly through my shirt; perhaps the shift in temperature sobered me slightly, because I was instantly feeling uncomfortable. The sensation intensified when Jade's hand went to the button of my jeans. The realization of what he wanted to do hit me then.

My sharp gasp broke our kiss and I pushed his hand away. He was on top of me, his right knee between my legs, the foot of his opposite leg supporting him on the floor. His eyes showed frustration that he tried to mask with confusion. It frightened me, seeing that anger focused on me.

"What's wrong?" He asked slightly short of breath, an exasperated note to his voice.

"This is too fast." I whispered I still had yet to come to terms with the fact that I like a guy; just kissing Jade was beyond my comfort zone, what Jade was moving towards was unthinkable.

"It's ok." Jade soothed, kissing my lips softly. "Just kissing" He paused to kiss me again. I shuddered lightly, not returning it.

"Please, Jade." I didn't know what else to say. His name felt strange, it was one of the few times I had said it.

"Please what? Relax a little; I won't do anything you don't want to. Just have some fun." He breathed, his hand crawling up my inner thigh. "Just relax."

The couch was a chilly insistence pressing against my back, his hand was warm on my leg and his attention felt good. We were just kissing. I needed to loosen up. I could trust him. He seemed to sense my acceptance before I was able to verbally supply it, his mouth thoroughly covering my attempt to put down conditions. It was amazing how wonderful it felt, to have him want me. It didn't matter how wrong it was or how frowned upon, all that mattered was that he was there, pursuing me, I meant something to him. And dear god it felt good.

The chill of the couch was easily and quickly engulfed by the heat now seeping from my body, Jade's hand stopped to rest comfortably on my hip, his mouth leaving mine to trail down my face and work on my jaw and neck. His weight was on me now, his stomach pressing between my legs. A finger pulled on my belt loop and I didn't mind the feel of his teeth on my throat. I needed out of my shirt, I was way too warm. I took my hands from Jade's hair to rummage with the buttons. Jade wasn't going to have any of that. A few buttons popped off and clattered away on the hardwood, Jade was more than happy to attack as hungrily as the cold air drifting along my abdomen. He always seemed to know exactly where his lips needed to go, where his nails should pull at my skin. My whole body burned, he couldn't move fast enough or touch enough of me.

And then he pulled away.

It was almost painful.

"Matty." His lips were swollen, his face was flushed, but his eyes were reserved. What was wrong? I wanted this. "You don't want this."


"We're going too fast." My skin was rough on my shoulders, the fabric of his shirt was just as uncomfortable under my fingers, how could he think? My hand was re-entangled in his hair, holding desperately as I tried to understand what he was saying.

"No. I want this." Couldn't he see that?

"Do you?"

"Yes." I was starting to feel uneasy, was he having second thoughts? I hesitated. "Don't you?"

He was silent for a terrifying moment before a gentle smile touched his lips. "Of course I do."

"Then fuck me." The words felt awkward stumbling from my lips, my hips lifted against his, pushing. "I want you."

His eyes shut at the contact, his teeth gripping his lip. When his gaze came back to me it was emanating the same desire as before. It was thrilling. He wanted me.