None of the Above



Humanity and indecency

No scars will bring you closer to me

And your eyes are getting hollow



Dogmatic artificial history

Your eyes don't see the light

They see the spaces in between

Reality is opaque and far more difficult to swallow

We've got aces in the hole

We're chest-deep in the sugar bowl

Gone so far, there's no where to go

But the sweetness is so sweet that I've lost my taste for

This self-righteous lower middle class fantasy

The glamor of the billboards can be so blinding

Victimized and crucified by over-marketing

And I keep catching myself buying in to their routine

Insert myself in to another foreign sentence

This honey-glazed masquerade

So sickening in its display

Is such an easy losing game

I've finally lost my interest

Help me

To get my grip on something slick


This plastic trip has made me sick

Do I believe?

Am I living in the rhythm of the world or the words

And wherein lies the difference?

The rebels look like stooges

And the stooges look like rebels

They both live to consume

And they both just want to peddle

Their USD

Those money-mongering mindless sheep

I guess I'll have to go with "e"

When "none of the above" is more than I can think of