Chapter 2


I groaned. Whoever it was that was calling my name constantly was bugging me. I stirred slightly and my eyes slowly fluttered open. Standing over me was this really cute guy. I smiled. He had the cutest sandy blonde hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen. He was smirking at me and then slowly, everything was becoming clear. He was chair-stealing, jackass guy! My smile soon went away. Suddenly, water was being poured on my face and I immediately shot up.

"I'm awake you idiot. God!" I said before I took deep breaths. He held up his hands in surrender and continued to smirk at me.

"Sorry," he said despite the sincerity lacking from his voice. I glanced up to see my mom and Adam standing around watching me intently.

"What is he doing here?" I spat.

"Sweetie, this is Derek. Remember? This is going to be your new step-brother."

Suddenly, everything came back to me. My mother and Adam were going to get married, Derek was going to be my brother, and that I actually fainted. Of all the reactions to have the most embarrassing one was to faint. But it was all just too overwhelming. I'm sure anyone else would have done the same thing. I looked angrily at them all. "Mom, can we talk? In private please." She nodded and followed me as we walked towards my room. I shut the door and that's when I completely lost it.

"Mom, you can not be serious! Why didn't you tell me you were dating again? Wait; don't answer that because I already know the answer. But, ugh! Why are you getting married?!" No need to tell you how I was feeling at that moment.

"I love him, Casey. I know you're thinking that six months is hardly enough time to fall in love and decide to get married-"

"Damn straight I'm thinking that!"

"Casey," she said sternly. I sighed and let her go on. "I love him. I really do. He's the one."

"Oh, and wasn't dad the one as well?" I retorted. She let out a sigh of frustration and pointed a finger at me.

"Now that's not fair, Casey. We were young and naïve."

"What's your excuse this time?" I hissed. She seemed hurt but covered it up quickly. I hated being mean to my mom but she was giving me no choice.

"Look, I know all of this is sudden." Understatement of the year. "But will you give them a chance? Adam is a really nice guy and I'm sure you'll love him. Please Casey? Just try to get through the dinner. Give me that at least."

"Ok. But I'm not promising anything after that," I said. She smiled and nodded her head. "I'll be out in a bit. Let me just change out of my wet clothing."

After I changed, I sat on my bed for a minute to calm down. I couldn't believe this was really happening? I always thought things couldn't go wrong, but I was obviously wrong. From first impressions, Adam did seem like a nice guy. Although his son sure as hell didn't seem like it. I took a deep breath and stood up. It was now or never. I walked out to the living room to see everyone seated.

"She lives!" Derek shouted. I put on a smile and took a seat on the couch beside my mom.

"You scared all of us when you just fainted like that," Adam said. I shrugged.

"Sorry about that. I guess it was just too much for me to handle at first," I said fiddling with my hands. He gave me a warm smile that brightened my spirits a bit.

"Ah, it's alright. I can see how this might be a little new to you. Poor old Derek nearly lost it," he chuckled. I glanced at Derek to see he was staring at me intently as if studying me. Suddenly a beep kept going off and my mom clapped her hands excitedly. "Dinner is almost ready. I'll go finish it up."

"I'll come with you." As she was walking away she signaled me to make small talk with Derek. What a traitor? I crossed my arms and sat back in my seat on the couch.

"So your name is Derek, huh?" I asked raising an eyebrow. He smirked at me.

"That's me. Derek. And your name is Casey. Hm," he said as he tapped his chin in thought. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"What are you hming about?"

He was about to answer my question when my mom and Adam announced it was dinner time. Derek and I stood up at the same time and when he passed me he purposely shoved his shoulder against mine. To anyone else it may have seemed like an accident but I wasn't dumb and new he meant to do that. Stupid jerk. He went to sit in a chair but stopped himself and turned towards me.

"Is this your seat, Casey? I wouldn't want to steal your chair." So he did remember who I was. I knew his game and I sweetly smiled at him.

"Aw, as a matter of fact, it is my chair. And it is rude to take other people's chairs. Right, Derek?"

"Very. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I knew I took your chair. Please...have a seat."

"I'm sure you couldn't. Thank you, Derek."

"No problem."

"Aw, you guys are getting along so well! This is going smoother than we thought," my mother chimed in. I gave her and Derek a toothy grin before sitting in my seat. Derek sat across from me so he was sitting next to his dad. I looked at our dinner and was slightly relieved. She made my favorite dinner which meant she either felt guilty for keeping it a secret or she wanted to kiss my ass. Either way, I was happy with the meal of Fettuccine Alfredo.

"So, Casey, your mom tells me this is your favorite dinner," Adam said. I smiled because I knew he was at least giving effort in trying to make conversation. But the truth was that I still resented him despite him doing me no wrong. I nodded my head and looked down at my plate. "Um, Derek is going to your school. He started today actually."

"Yeah," I said glancing up and looking straight at Derek. "We've met."

"Really?" my mom asked in shock.

"Not formally but I recognize him from school. We might have even exchanged words. Right, bro?" I said narrowing my eyes at him. You'd think one of them would notice my tone of voice or the way I was looking at him but no one but Derek did. He smirked at me.

"I believe you're right, sis. You always are."

"Aw, Adam baby, aren't these two just the cutest?" my mother giggled. Adam chuckled and agreed.


"Sweetie, why don't you give Derek a tour of the house? After all, this will be his new home," my mother suggested sweetly. She probably wanted the living room to make out with Adam. Well, at least I knew we weren't moving. Thank god for that. Even though it was a question, it was a question that you just kind of said yes to. It was like when a teacher asked if you could do an errand for them. I nodded and Derek followed me out of the living room. I led him to the hallway and stopped dead in my tracks.

"Mom's room," I said pointing to my right. "Master bathroom included. Then in front of us we have the office, on the left is my room, then my bathroom, then all the way down the hall is the guest room which I assume will be turned into your room. I think that sums it up." I went to walk away but he held me back.

"Last time I checked, a tour implied actually going into rooms and not just pointing them out," he said smugly. I rolled my eyes.

"Let's do it your way then. Which room do you want to see first?"

"Let's take a peek at Casey's room shall we?" he said with a smirk. I had a feeling I'd be seeing that smirk often.

"How did I know? Come on, dearest stepsibling."

"Soon to be stepsibling. We aren't steps yet, babe."

"Don't remind me of the events to come," I said with a roll of my eyes. Next thing I knew, I was leading him to my room. I stopped right in front of the door and grinned at him. I opened the door slowly and then modeled the room like the Price Is Right girls model a fancy new car. He chuckled a bit and then entered it. He was looking around, probably trying to find some blackmail on me even though I had nothing. Suddenly, his gaze stopped in a certain area and he smirked again. Oh geez. He walked over to whatever he was looking at and I stood there with my hands on my hips. He picked it up and that's when I saw it was one of my bras. My mouth was two seconds from dropping but I stopped myself.

"Nice bra, Casey," he smirked while twirling the loop between the strap and the front around his index finger. I walked right up to him and snatched it out of his hands.

"You aren't supposed to touch it, moron. Do you know where it has to go after it's been in your hands?" I snapped while throwing it in my closet. He chuckled.

"I'm guessing on your boobs. Why? Do girls use them for something else?"

"No. Just don't touch my bras. Or underwear," I said pointing a finger at him.

"Who said I wanted to anyway? Oooh, let's see what books Casey likes to read," he said as he trotted over to my bookshelf. Ok, trotted wasn't really the right term of description to use. He pretty much did a fake run, slight jog if you catch my drift. I rolled my eyes and took a seat on my bed while looking bored. Truth was that I was seriously about to break something because I was so mad but I didn't want to let it show. Plus, I promised my mom I'd keep my cool and try to give them a chance tonight.

For the next ten minutes I just watched him run around my room and look at random things. He made some comments that wasn't bad but didn't know if they were good either. I just continued to sit there, bored, with my head in my fist. Finally, he took a seat next to me and gave me a toothy grin.

"I swear, if it's another bra you're holding I will kill you despite any promises I made my mother tonight," I said not even looking at him anymore. I decided the wall in front of me was far more interesting.

"No. It's not your precious girly item. What do you do for fun around here? Other than reading and yelling at people who take chairs from other people," he asked. I still didn't look at him but I was positive he had that smirk again. I could sense it. Not that I was psychic or anything. But it was almost like when you don't know for sure but you have the weirdest feeling someone is looking at you. It was like that. Although this was far more annoying.

"Lots. Hang out with my friends, go to the movies, go eat ice cream at the local ice cream parlor, play some sports if it's a nice day; pretty much anything that seems fun at the moment," I said still not looking at him.

"Well then let's go do something fun-"

There was a knock on my open door and my mom was standing in the doorway. She smiled at us.

"There you guys are. Well, Derek, you're father is leaving now since there's going to be traffic. He'll wait for you in the car." With that, she left; leaving me alone with the evil spawn. Ok, so maybe he wasn't evil, but he was sure getting on my last nerve. He glanced at me and smiled before saying, "Rain check on that doing something fun, Case."

"Looking forward to it, Derek. I'm too excited for words," I said giving him a tight, and totally forced smile. He rolled his eyes and laughed.

"I could tell."


While I was helping clear the dishes, I noticed that my mom couldn't stop looking at me. It was weird but I knew exactly why…she wanted to know what I thought about them. Well, I didn't feel like talking to her then. So, I just continued with the dishes. Finally, she asked me what I thought. I sighed and bit my lip. I looked at my mother and realized that I had never seen her so happy. Ok, she's been really happy but I mean she hasn't seen anyone since my dad which was quite some time. If I said I didn't like them at all she might call everything off. Sure, I'd be happy but my mom would be miserable which would make me feel guilty; but if I said they were fine then she'd go through with it and I'd still be miserable…just not guilty. Basically, it was a lose-lose situation; might as well take the option that'll have two people happy: My mom and Adam.

"Adam seems really nice and Derek…is well…alright. I suppose he's bearable," I said with a shrug. She grinned.

"So you're ok with it?" she asked. I forced a smile and nodded. She squealed and ran over to give me a hug. I tried to be happy but I just wasn't. The idea of my mom remarrying was bad enough already but having Derek as a new stepbrother just made things even worse! Not to mention the fact that it'd be weird to live with guys. My dad left way early before I was even remotely close to puberty. Now I have boobs and everything…I'm used to being able to walk around in a frickin towel or sports bra! Not all the time but sometimes. That's the luxury of living with just a girl. But now I'd have to be a little more careful. I mentally shuddered and then left the room.

Next stop: Marissa's house.

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