Summery - She lived in a small town called Fairyland. A place where she thought her fairytale dreams would come true. But when she found her boyfriend of three years cheating. She decided to leave and not look back. Now it's 4 years later and she once again finds herself in Fairyland. The only thing is, she isn't alone. And now she has to decide whether to rekindle what she had with her Ex Prince Charming or find love in the town's Bad Boy.


Im Just A Girl Looking For A Happy Ending


Amelia POV


Ever since I was a little girl I believed in Fairytales. I always believed there was one Prince Charming out there for every girl.

My father, before he passed, helped fuel my beliefs by telling me there was a town called Fairyland, where all the girls go to find their own fairytale ending. So me being the little hopeless romantic that I was, was hell bent on moving there.

My mother Amy Rey, was a short petite woman standing at 5 foot 4 with brown hair and deep brown eyes. She loved everything from music to a good romance novel. She was also an active church member and a member of the church choir. She was 24 when she passed, leaving me in the care of my father.

My father Jonas, was a strong hearted man standing at 6 foot 5 with grey eyes and black hair. He was another hopeless romantic just like me who lost his soul mate during my birth. He often told me I was my mother's reincarnation because not only did I look exactly like her but I had the same beliefs and goals that she once had.

It wasn't until my father died when I was sixteen that I was more determined than ever to find this town he always spoke about. And with the money he left me it was more than enough to make my dreams come true.

Then finally after months and months of searching, at the age of seventeen, I found the town called Fairyland.

And it's in this town that I resided for the past 3 years. It's this town that was my home.

It wasn't much longer after I settled down there that I found my Prince Charming. His name was Marc Ryan and was the young CEO of a small Talent Agency here in Fairyland.

When I met him he was 22 and just starting out in the industry. We met and a karaoke bar after I finished my performance, that I was forced into by my best friend, and immediately hit it off. He was the first guy I met that didn't care about my age or where I was from but about who I was and what I loved.

We've been together ever since we met and on this day 4 years ago, we made 3 years.

But for some reason I woke up that morning with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like something bad was going to happen that day. I couldn't quiet explain it but that feeling was scaring me. I spoke to Marc about it and he insisted that nothing bad was gonna happen, that, that day was our day and nothing would go wrong. So I shrugged off the feeling and went about my day.

I spent the morning and most of the afternoon fixing up our house for that night. I planned a surprise for him and couldn't wait until he got home.

After our house was perfect I decided to pick him up from work. I knew he loved surprises and I promised him that night would be full of them.

Once I was dressed I left to Marc's job. It took me 20 minutes to reach his job and once I did I was greeted with Hello's and Happy Anniversary's. I smiled walking up to his receptionist and gave her a hug.

"Hey Vanna is Marc busy?" I asked smiling sheepishly. I noticed as she was about to answer she looked at me sympathetically before smiling softly.

"Actually no he isn't. Go right in." She said hugging me one more time and then letting me go.

Her actions caused me to frown a little because she wasn't one to be affectionate. Yeah I know I hugged her but that's how we greet each other. Another hug from her was rare and caused me to think.

I didn't dwell on it too much because it was getting late and I wanted to get Marc home so we could celebrate.

I waved Vanna and opened the door to Marc's office.

As soon as I opened the door I was immediately hit with the sounds of moans and groans and when I turned my head to investigate it my heart shattered.

There I was coming to celebrate my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend and what I do find when I open the door? My boyfriend with his pants around his ankles screwing some tramp on his desk.

I felt my eyes well up with tears as I reached for Vanna's pen holder and threw it directly at Marc's head. Too bad it missed because at the moment it would of hit him, he bent his head to suck on the tramp's neck.

"BASTARD!" I cried out when he and the girl looked up in shock.

"Amelia wait I can explain.." Marc said while pulling up his pants.

"Oh you can explain? Well please do cause Im dying to know how your dick just happened to end up inside that bitch." I spat glaring daggers at both Marc and the brunette who was also fixing her clothes.

"Who are you calling a bitch?" She asked getting off the desk. "I'll have you know that I am his fiancee." She told me showing me her ring. And once again my heart shattered.

"Fiancee?" I questioned looking over at Marc. "Since when?"

"A month ago." She announced proudly.

"Damn it Jenna your not helping!" Marc exploded trying to come towards me.

"Don't!" I screamed backing away. "3 years, 3 years and you just throw it all away. For what Marc? Tell me what is it that I did wrong because I honestly don't understand. I gave you everything Marc EVERYTHING! And this is how you repay me. By cheating and proposing to the next woman. What does she have that I don't? Huh? I just need to know why?" I cried.

By now the whole office was standing behind me watching the scene unfold in front of them. I blocked out the whispers as I looked at Marc. "Just please tell me." I begged trying to hold myself up from collapsing.

"I just fell out of love with you." Was his response. My head snapped up quickly causing me to look right into his silver eyes. The same silver eyes that I once found myself in love with but now hated them with a passion.

"You...fell out of love with me? So when were you going to tell me this huh? Tonight when we ate dinner? After I told you that I am carrying YOUR child? When?" I asked hysterically ignoring the gasps the broke out around the room.

"We're having a baby?" He asked me astonished.

"No." I screamed getting angrier and angrier by the minute. "I'm having a baby as in me, not you. As far as Im concerned I went to a sperm bank to get pregnant. You will have no say in my child's life, Do you understand me? From this day forth you are dead to me, don't call me, don't write me, don't try to find me. Cause I'm leaving and I'm never coming back. I hope you and Jenna have a wonderful life together." And with that I stormed out the room taking every bit of dignity I had left, with me.

I had managed to make it to my car before totally breaking down. It was hard and it hurt like hell but I was determined to move on and start over. For the sake of my child I couldn't let depression take me over. I would just go back to the apartment we once shared, pack my stuff, trash it, then leave and not once look back as I did.

And that's what I did. Everything I could grab that wasn't mine I broke. Everything that was mine was put in boxes and the extremes I went through to make that night perfect were destroyed.

Once I was satisfied with how Marc's apartment looked, I left. It was now time to start a new life. One without Marc and without fairytales because as of that moment I no longer believed in them.

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