So Cliché

How could I have done that? I just took his heart and stomped on it multiple times. I can see it in his eyes. I hurt him and I know I did. I didn't mean to. It was a way of repaying him for all he has put me through the last few years. You see, I have loved Jason for almost three years now and he knew it. All he has done within those three years is spite me and taunt me with other girls to show me that I couldn't have him. Cruel I know but that is how it was. Until the last few months…

I noticed the change immediately, me being the observant person I am. Jason started to look at me differently. He didn't look at me in a mocking way or with hate or malice. No, he looked at me in a kind, loving way. It was strange at first because I loved him and he was just within my reach. If only I had the guts to make the first move without needing to show him the hell he put me through the last few years. I know I repaid the favour.

Now, as I look at him in the chair across from me while I am tangled in his best friend's arms I can see that I hurt him… badly. But, then, isn't that what I wanted? To spite him and make a fool out of him. To play on his emotions? Yes I had. Now I instantly regret it. One look into his gorgeous emerald eyes I knew that I wanted him. Badly.

He made his move to leave the common room. I instantly followed him. Untangling myself from Matt's arms I quickly leapt up and ran out the common room after him. I still cannot believe I had intentionally inflicted so much pain upon him.

"Jason!" I cried out after his retreating form down the corridor. He walks pretty fast when he is trying to avoid someone. I sped up to my maximum speed (which isn't very fast) and kept on running.

Jason blatantly ignored me and kept on walking at a speed which is probably about as fast as I can run. Pathetic I know.

"Jason, please! Stop!" I cried out urgently.

At that point he abruptly turned around and gave me a death glare. I didn't notice until it was too late and crashed head first into his chest, causing us both to tumble to the ground. He glared at me again before standing up, brushing off and carrying on walking.

"Jason!" I cried helplessly as I got up.

"WHAT!" he shouted turning around before the main front door.

"Jason, what is your problem?" I asked, startled at his anger. I knew he would be angry but I didn't expect this.

"What is my problem?" he repeated incredulously. "What is my problem? What the hell is your problem?"


Jason cut me off. "I know for a fact that you knew I liked you. I know because Matt told me. All those years of me teasing you I thought that we could forget. I stopped and began to become friendlier to you. Then you go and pull a stunt like that! I just don't get it!" with that he turned around and walked out of the doors into the pouring rain, leaving me to stare at the spot where he had been only moments earlier.

The doors banging shut pulled me out of my reverie and let the guilt seep in. he was right and I knew it. I did know he liked me and I did do it to get back at him. I thought I had a full proof plan to show him how much he had hurt me. It worked… but also made me feel like my whole world was crumbling around me.

I set off again running after him into the rain. I felt it hit my bare skin sending tingles of pain through my arms. But I didn't care; all I wanted to do was get to Jason and show him just how much I really love him.

"Jason!" I called out again after spotting him in the school orchard, under the tree where we first met. I remember that day like it was yesterday. In the first year of boarding school, I was scared and only had one friend. He came sat next to me and we quickly became friends. I'm not sure what had happened after that… we slowly drifted apart until we were no longer friends, I loved him and he hated me. It was one of those love hate relationships.

"Ellie, just leave me alone." He said quietly once I had crouched down next to him.

"No. Not until we sort this out!"

Jason sighed and looked away. "It's obvious what has happened… I hated you for so long that you began to move on. When I finally admit that I love you I find you curled up nice and cushy with my best friend. It's obvious you moved on and that I was too late," he finished quietly.

I don't know what I am meant to say or do now. He has totally got the wrong end of the stick. There was also the fact that he just told me he loves me. How am I supposed to respond to that?

I did the only thing I could think of at that moment and took his dripping wet face in my hands and turned it towards me. I watched the water droplets slide down his face and drip off his nose and chin for a moment before I start to speak. I have made up my mind. This needs to end. Now.

"Jason, I haven't moved on at all. I could never move on from you. I love you too much. Nothing will ever change that. I only did that to get back at you for all the times you did it to me. I'm sorry; I just wanted to show you how you made me feel, how it broke my heart into tiny little pieces. Then, just when I had begun to put it back together you would do it again. I truly am sorry and I hope you can forgive me."

Jason looked as if he had been sucker-punched. I saw that the reality had finally set into him. He now knew how it felt and he was truly sorry too. I saw it in his eyes. The guilt. It was so intense I had to look away. I couldn't stand it anymore. I made to stand up but he took hold of my arm and pulled me back down to him.

I was shocked when I felt something warm press onto my lips and I realised that it was Jason's lips. I was so in shock I didn't know what to do. I had been dreaming about this moment for the past few years… and now it was reality. Without realising it I began to kiss back. Despite the rain making me shiver I had a feeling of warmth spread over me. It wasn't as good as I had envisioned it… it was better.

His hands rested on my lower back and the back of my neck as I sat on his knee and wrapped my arms around his neck, one hand going to rest in his hair. His tongue prised apart my lips before slipping inside, making me gasp. I felt him smile into the kiss before he reached up and took my hair clip out, letting the soft, wet waves tumble down my back. He ran his hand through the dripping tendrils before resting it on my hip.

The kiss soon intensified into a more passionate wanting kiss. However, I felt my oxygen levels running out… fast. I didn't want the kiss to end, it was like heaven and he tasted like chocolate cookies, but I felt if I didn't breathe soon I was going to pass out.

I pulled away gently before resting my forehead against his, panting. Or breath mixed together and I could still taste the chocolate cookies I assume he had for lunch.

"I love you," I whispered against his mouth.

"I love you too, Ellie," Jason replied before he kissed me softly. He then stood up, pulling me along with him, and we walked back to the upper school students' common room… hand in hand.

AN: ok i know that i left this bit out of the story and ive had reviews asking me about it so im gonna tell you now. Matt was in on the plan. He knew about everything and so things just went back to the way they were for him.

ALSO, i tried to continue this but i think im happy with it as a one shot. i dont wana risk ruining it and i havn't come up with any good ideas so... its gonna stay a one shot sorrry for all those who wanted me to continue it =/