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Chapter 12... Last chapter... cries

I did a quick sweep around the room, just to see if she was there. She was nowhere to be found. But there was a pool of blood in her bed. No... Not again.

"Oh my..." I cried. "Where could she be?" I was thinking aloud.

Maybe she had gone to a shop? But what about the blood? That wouldn't explain the blood. There could be only one possible explanation that I could think of. The witch has taken her, maybe even killed her, just like she did with my parents.

I had to find her. I had to kill that witch. I had to stop being an Aswang.

I still felt a little drowsy, as though someone had knocked me out. Instinctively I touched the back of my head. It was bleeding a little.

"Crap." I said, wiping the blood on my trousers. I tried to clean it up a little bit, but it hurt like hell. Not to mention it would look suspicious. I grabbed a baseball cap from a bag and put it on. It would do for now.

I ran to one of the bags and grabbed some of the guns that Millie had taken from her dad. Peering back to the bed where Millie's blood was, I saw there was a map, with a large red circle around the Statue of Liberty. That must be where the witch was.

"So that's where I'm going." I said aloud. I had all of the guns in my rucksack and I was ready. It was only a few blocks away from the hotel. I had decided that running was a bit obvious, and I needed to walk. It was a lot slower, but it was the best thing to do.

"How could I let this happen to Millie?" I muttered. "I can't believe I could be so stupid."

I picked up the speed in my walk and kept a hand near the zip of the bag, so I could easily get a gun out. Everybody in the city seemed to come to a halt at one point, and I wondered why. They were all getting these weird glasses out and looking up. It was getting darker.

"SHIT! Solar eclipse!" I realised. "Oh damn it!" I ran down an abandoned alleyway beside a few buildings. I was going to turn any second. But thankfully I was only a little way from the Statue. Only the water separated us. I stayed in the alley behind a bin while I turned.

"I hate solar eclipses."

I looked over to the Statue of Liberty, there was a large sign saying 'closed to the public'. Opening up my wings I said, "I love solar eclipses." It was getting darker by the second. It was time to fly up. But I couldn't be seen. Otherwise I would be in big trouble.

I looked around at all of the people of the city. They were all looking at the eclipse. I could fly up inconspicuously very easily.

When I arrived to the torch I looked around a little for the witch.

"Ah, Matthew, I have been wondering all these years when you were going to pay me another visit." A voice said.

"Well, it's your lucky day then. Where is Millie?"


"Millie, the person that you have taken, and hurt. WHERE IS SHE?" I yelled.

"Oh the little blond girl. Do not worry about her now. Only worry about yourself." I was still looking to see where the voice was coming from.

"Oh look, you found me." She said. She was sitting on a large chair; it looked quite like a throne. Millie was next to her. Tied up. She had a large piece of material around her mouth, probably to stop her talking.

"MILLIE!" I yelled, running towards her. The witch saw me running and picked up a small doll. She bent the arm. As this happened, mine did too. I fell down in pain. "SHIT! What the hell did you do, bitch?"

"Voodoo doll, Matthew. I thought you would have learnt by now." She said.

"Let. Millie. Go." I said through gritted teeth.


I turned to Millie, "Are you okay?"

She tried to talk, but couldn't because of the stuff covering her mouth.

"Oh, I'm sorry. You want to talk to the little girl?" The witch asked mockingly. She lifted her left hand and it disappeared.

"MATT! I'm fine. Just kill her!" She yelled.

I got a gun out of my bag and took aim.

"Ready to die, bitch?" I asked.

"No, I'm not actually." She lifted her hand again and threw me backwards.

I growled and darted forward.

"That's it, you're going down." I managed to pull her out of her chair and pin her down. I was thirsty for blood, and she was the only one I wanted to kill. She got the voodoo doll and snapped my arm again.

"DAMN IT!" I growled and grabbed the voodoo doll from her hand. Carefully I shoved it in the bag. I lowered my head and bit her. She screamed. Her pain was so sweet to me. She was the one I had wanted to kill for three hundred years. I kept on biting her, over and over again.

Millie was giggling. I lifted my head and said, "What the fuck, Millie?"

"It looks kinky from over here!" She giggled again.

"NOT THE TIME OR THE PLACE!" How was she so calm? She should have been fearing for her life.

I was paying so much attention to Millie that I didn't even realise the witch breaking her hand free and lifting it. It was too late once I had realised. She had sent me flying. I landed on my probably broken arm. I had so many bruises.

I got a knife from my bag and took aim. I threw it at the witch. It hit her arm. She screamed in pain. I leapt forward and attempted to kill her again. She pulled the knife out of her arm and pushed it into my leg. Blood poured out of the wound.

"That's it. You're dead." I pulled the knife out of my leg and shoved it into her heart. She gasped for breath.

"That's for my parents." I spat.

"What?" She stuttered. "I haven't done anything to your parents!"

"Well then... who did?"

"I don't know."

"LIAR!" I yelled and pulled a gun out of my bag. Another one flew across the floor to the other side of the room. I shot her. She deserved it.

I started to feel very strange. Like I was transforming. But I knew I wasn't. I turned back into a normal human. A normal human who would have never been able to withstand all of that pain the witch had caused me. My leg was still 

bleeding. I had cuts and bruises everywhere. My head was still bleeding and I had a broken arm.

"I'm not an Aswang anymore." I said to myself. "I'm normal."

I felt so weak. I hadn't felt this week in three hundred years. But aside from that. We were okay. Nothing could hurt us now.

"Finally. We're safe." I said, relieved.

"Think again. How stupid are you? It wasn't the witch. It was me!"

I turned my head to see who it was. Millie.

I couldn't believe I hadn't seen it before. It wasn't the witch that had done all of those things, the witch was just helping her. They both wanted me dead. It was her. Millie, she had killed my parents, my guardians. For revenge. And now she was going to kill me. She couldn't have done it before then because I was an Aswang, and I could have easily killed her. But now I was not, and it had drained all of my strength, not to mention I had cuts and bruises everywhere. Heck, I think I even had a broken arm. A normal person wouldn't have forgiven me so easily. They probably wouldn't have forgiven me at all. But she had a plan all along. She wanted to kill me. She wanted revenge on me, and now she was 'free' from the ropes that were tying her up. She was ready for revenge.

She hadn't gone missing at all; she went looking for the witch, so she could kill me faster. She must have picked up the gun that flew across the floor. I could see the gun in her hands, she was pulling it up higher, and I could do nothing to stop her. I had no strength anymore. She could easily overpower me. There was no point in even trying. So I figured, I might as well say my last words.

"Millie... Please, don't. I'm so sorry for everything. So sorry, I know there is nothing I could ever do to change anything. However, I have to say this, I love you." When I said this, I saw the hatred on her face. She pulled the trigger. Everything went black as I fell to the hard rock floor. I was dead.

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