Written: March 2008

Tell me a story of the days before,

when heroes roamed and evil fled.

Tell me a story of hope and faith,

of kings and queens who knew the way.

Tell me a story and make it new;

tell me a story—I care not if it's true.


Oh, jester, hear me, speak to me.

I am ignored by the court, by the knights and ladies.

Oh, jester, you know everything; you can help me.

You can tell me what you know, help me find the right path.

Jester, this is your world and I'm just a child from the country.

I don't know what to do.


Monsters are abroad, terrorizing the townsfolk,

eating cattle and burning fields.

Where are the brave knights to save the day?
Where are the wizards to strike them down with lightning?

There is fear out there, choking fear that leaves none standing tall.

Tell me there is someone who can help.


There must be someone in this castle,

someone brave and someone true,

a knight or mage unafraid to face the evil.

Tell me heroes are more than legends;

tell me heroes are more than myths in the night.

Tell me a lie, if that's all you have.


Thank you, jester, a mug of water is fine.

After my long journey, I'm quite parched.

Oh, a leg of duck? Yes, it is very tasty.

I'll eat this, then be on my way—

I have to get home. We need all able bodies.

In a fortnight, the monsters will come back.


No, I can't stay 'til tomorrow, no matter how fine the bed is.

No, keep your horse and your sword.

I'll be fine, jester, truly. So far, the monsters haven't turned to human flesh,

and I am not desirable at all.

I am sorry to have missed the king;

please, jester, pass my message on.


Before I go, please tell me a story of the days before,

when heroes roamed and evil could not stand.

Tell me that there are knights and wizards, able and ready, brave and strong.

Tell me the king is a good man, loyal to his people—

tell me the queen loves us all, no matter our skin or creed.

Tell me, please, before I go, even if it be a lie.