I suppose an introduction is in order. I am your story teller. The narrator is perhaps a better description, but also your translator, to assist you in better understanding this tale.

For you have certain predetermined dispositions and beliefs, and of course, those are learned, not known. And as human history evolves, it is clear that what one learns isn't always true, but what is known, is.

There are certain things you have learned, for example, the word personification. The definition of personification is to give human characteristics to non-human beings. The very idea is quite silly, for it is humans that are the imitators, not other beings. And yes, that which is natural is a being.

So it may have confused you to a degree that the clouds and bush made certain choices, however, it shouldn't, because they always do. And to suggest that they are imitating humans by doing so is pure foolishness. Therefore, you see my difficulty with the word personification.

I only invest the verbiage in explaining this as it will help you understand more as you read the story. And I feel there are a few other important knowns that are not learned. Time is a known. Time is both a gift and a prison. It doesn't imprison all of nature, only that which is born. And, to further clarify, those who are born, and therefore die, are not necessarily bothered by time, only some find its walls constraining. Time is also a gift, given to limit those needing constraint, and allow them the opportunity to become wise.

Finally, as I have alluded to, wisdom is learned through experience, what one knows is not learned at all, and everything else, is somewhere in between. A tree, for example, knows much and learns nothing. It begins with what is known and maintains the memories of all it witnesses, but never learns. It has no need. From the beginning of its growth, it carries forward all the memories of its life. Some would view it as its previous life, but it really is an extension of its current life. Therefore a tree does not learn, and is not affected by time. The death of a tree is really just a sloughing off of a weary existence to continue on in a new one.

Have I confused you? I do apologize. All this will become clear as the story is told, but I felt certain assumptions must be removed, so the telling will not become clouded with questions. And by all means, if you have a question, do feel free to ask. I will do my best to explain at the appropriate time.

Finally, with the intent to clarify, I was chosen for this task from all the narrators in the entire universe because I am an Earth story teller. (There, you have your location.) Furthermore, my experience, it was explained, most closely matched this opportunity. But to be honest, I worry, for this is a unique story, and I do not wish to fail.