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Chapter One

The Worthless Word

I know you all have seen them; the typical romance movies. Don't try and act like you haven't seen one…everyone knows you have. They are all the same in three different ways. The same scenario, the same kind of actors, and the same crappy plot that plagues theaters all across America.

Number one: You have either the nerdy girl and a hot jock or the nerdy guy and a hot girl…usually, a nerdy girl and a hot jock.

So here's how the story goes. The nerdy girl obviously doesn't have many friends and the jock is the pride of the school. Somehow, it doesn't matter in what way, they fall in love. Then the plot "thickens". She starts speaking up and he's starts to show his true feelings by either not obeying his parent's dreams or breaking-up with his cheerleader girlfriend. Finally, the end up together in love?

Haven't see that one before? Well here goes another.

Two best friends, both quite average. Now of course, one has a secret crush on the other but doesn't have the nerves to tell him/her. Well the friend that doesn't have the crush suddenly gets trapped in the popular crew's clutches and believes they're really their friend. The best friend with the crush then tries to show the other friend the truth.

That friend doesn't listen. Then, in a horrible way finds out the truth and runs to their best friend and as's a happy ending because of true love.

My final scenario is the ever popular two individuals who are from two very different worlds. In the beginning, it's a love/hate relationship but they soon find out they were alike from the beginning. Whether it is dancing, singing, drawing, heck even cooking…it doesn't matter. They always end up happy together…because of true love!

Now you have to believe me, it's true right? Well true love is for suckers who stay at the movie theaters a little too long. The real world is a harsh place and no, I don't mean popular kids and peer pressure. I mean it's the real world. Nuff said…

You want a true love? You'll die before you find it. Because? Because it just simply doesn't exist.


"If I ever got the chance to make it big…I think I'd be a singer cause then people would be jealous of my voice. I don't think I want people jealous of my body. It would be too weird. How about you, what would you want to be?"

"Somebody rich, I guess..."

"I was kind of thinking of a model or an actress-"

"Maggie, why would I want to be a model or an actress? They starve themselves to death…"

"You're so immature…I'd love to be a star."

Amelia sighed with a small smile. Her friend was so predictable. She lived in a small town with a big dream. It was…typical.

"Well someday everyone is going to hear them name Magdalene Vermeer and bow down…"

Maggie bowed down herself as if to imitate her future. Amelia just shook her head, rolling her eyes slightly. Stuffing the last of her chocolate bar into her mouth she slung her backpack on her shoulder.

Maggie, seeing her friend standing up, decided to grab her backpack also. The two teenage girls walked slowly with many other students into the cold halls of Jackson High.

Amelia reached in her pocket and whimpered to herself. Sadly, all her chocolate was gone.

"Know where a vending machine is?" she asked.

Maggie pointed down the hall with a frown, "Math is starting in five minutes, you know?"

"Yeah, I know but its math. Who the hell cares…?"

Maggie shrugged as the two departed. Amelia, now reaching into her back pocket found a crinkled, dollar bill. Still trying to find her way in the new school, even with direction it took her awhile to find the vending machine.

Quickly flattening the dollar, Amelia pushed into the machine. It was instantly rejected. Squishing it harder, she then tried again. Yet again, it slivered hurriedly back out.

"Crap…what is up with this stupid machine? Just give me the dang candy bar…"

After six more tries, the dollar final was pulled all the way through. Clicking the code for the chocolate, Amelia opened her mouth in awe as she watched it get caught on the glass.

"You have got to be kidding me!"

Many students glanced at the angered girl, fighting for her chocolate. Amelia did everything in her power to get her snack from banging with her hip to her butt. Finally, she heard a little click. To Amelia, it sounded like the doors of Heaven were opening up for her.

"Thank you…" she whispered, looking up to the ceiling.

Grabbing her candy bar, she ripped it open within seconds and paced down the hallway to math. Of course, all eyes were on hers when she swung the door open.

"Miss Amelia…" Mr. Smith said with a scowl, "Late again I see…"

"It's those vending machines…you know, you all should really get those fixed."

"I'm not in for your excuses."

"It's not an excuse."

"Sure it is. It's not like you need anymore candy bars, Amy."

Amelia glanced at the skinny girl with glasses sitting in the front row. A little of chatter of laughter went around the room. Amelia just rolled her eyes and turned back to Mr. Smith.

"Look, can you just leave me off with my tardy? No need to bring my mom into this.

"Mhmm, we'll just see about that. Take your seat."

Amelia, pushing her way through the desks, at last made it to her desk that happened to be in the last row.

"I told you it started in five minutes…" she could hear Maggie whisper.

"I know…and it was all worth it," she replied back, popping a chocolate square into her mouth.


"Amy! Amy, get in here?"

Amy moaned, dropping her backpack. Trying to avoid killing one of the three cats of the house, she made her way carefully to the kitchen. Her mother was obviously trying to balance something at the bank.

"Your teacher called."

"If it was about history-"

"It was about math."


"And, you were tardy!"

"That idiot Mr. Smith has something against me…I was only like…fifteen minutes late."

"Doing what?"

"I was uh…tutoring-"


"Okay, I was getting a candy bar."

"A candy bar!"'

"That's why I don't like to tell you things, you get all hypocritical."

"You were late for a candy bar…"

"I was hungry."


"Mom! Grace is ripping my doll apart!"

"Oh shut up you-"

The rest she didn't need to hear. Dropping her cigarette, Mrs. Stone ran up the stairs.

"We don't use that kind of language in this house!" she screamed on her way up

"They learn it from you…" Amelia muttered so only she could hear it.

Snowflake, one of the cats was rubbing against her faded jeans. She rubbed it with her foot while opening the fridge.

"I see John has overturned our fridge with all that healthy crap!"

After yelling that out, she slammed the door shut. Amelia then walked back to the front door and grabbed her backpack.

"Do you think this house is ugly?" she said, looking down at Snowflake.

The cat did it's usually number; putting its front paw on its face like a dog. Amelia smiled a sarcastic grin.

"Even the cat agrees with me."

On the top floor she could hear her mother trying to break the two step sisters up from their daily fight. Amelia, ignoring the chaos, kicked her door open and threw her backpack on her bed. She pulled her black hair into a loose ponytail and quickly grabbed a pencil and paper.

"Mom, look what's she's doing!"

"Be quiet you baby moron."

"Grace, hand me the doll."

Amelia shook her head as she heard something crash in the other room.

"That's it!" Mrs. Stone screamed, "You both grounded!"

"How can you ground us when we're already in the house?" Leah asked.

"Don't smart talk me, get in your room."

"I'm in my room!"

"Well fine, stay here!"

Not looking up from her drawing, Amelia heard the door swing open. Mrs. Stone frustrated face became even more downcast when she saw the predicament of her daughters room.

"Amy, when do you plan to clean this up?"

"Before I die I suppose…"

"Uh…just do your homework. We don't need anymore problems in this house."

"I'll get to it."

"Oh and Jake called-"

"Tell that "thing" I don't want to talk to him."

"Amy, you need-"

"Look mom, I'm putting up with John's nasty food, my new nasty school, and my new nasty neighborhood. I don't need to put up with your co-workers nasty son."

Mrs. Stone didn't even try to reply. She gave a short glared before quickly closing the door.

Amelia turned back to her paper with a frown upon her face.

"Hmm…it fits," she muttered.

Writing down the last detail, she finished the last part to the word



"Mrs. Stone, your daughter has been tardy six times in the last four days."

"I know but can't you-"

"Mrs. Stone, your daughter only has three classes."

"Yes sir, I understand that. What I'm trying to tell you is-"

"I'm sorry, but in Amelia's case there is no "buts". Your daughter is late because of her…I'm not trying to offend anyone but…your daughter has an eating problem."

"I know…"

"Now I know you might-oh…you do."

"Yes, I know."

"Well then this suggestion won't seem out of the ordinary. I think you should put Amelia in our health program. It's where other teens that used to be a over weight or had a problem with eating too much at one time help other teens get over their troubles. I'll even have my son, Tristan, be her personal mentor."

"That's very kind but I don't think my daughter would work in a program like that."

"But it would be perfect, she would get along fine."

"Mr. Smith-"

"Mrs. Stone, it's either the program or the next time your daughter is tardy or absent…I'm bringing it before the head of the school and then they can deal with her. It's your choice."

Mrs. Stone sighed, "Understood…"

With a sigh, she heard the phone click. Mrs. Stone tapped her fingers repeatedly on the countertop before nodding her head.

"Amy…we need to talk."


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