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The Word Love

Dear Diary,

Wow…I'm actually writing in my diary. That is a huge stretch. I used to hate diaries…wait, I probably shouldn't' say that in my diary. Nevermind…hi, I'm Amelia Parker Stone.

I decided I should probably write in this know, for my future children...if I have any. Maybe they'd like to know the kind of things I did during the summer before I went to college. Maybe write about all the classes I'll be taking or how many scholarships I recieved.

But I guess the real story of my life...or at least the most "interesting" part of it began about two years ago…

I went through a lot that year, probably more than I can write in one entry. But I'm going to sure as heck try.

Well, two years ago, I was about 170 pounds…and I was fifteen. That's not good if anyone wants to know. I didn't really care about my weight. I was insecure. After being tardy everyday for two weeks, I was sentenced to the schools health program. I think at that point in my life I was seriously considering suicide. Anyhow, it was a pain…a huge, enormous pain. And the biggest pain was Tristan Smith.

That guy had a way of pushing my buttons. Whether it was slapping my back when I didn't go low enough on my pushups or screaming in my ear that I was slower than his great grandmother. Anyhow, it wasn't a fun time.

Well, that was until I finally wanted to lose the weight. I forgot what day it was, but I had lost my best friend Maggie, my family was facing foreclosure and life seemed utterly and unfathomably wrong.

But Tristan, he said I could change. He said I could turn my life around, if I wanted to. And when he said that, to me, it seemed like I could change everything. It was that day I decided I wasn't going to give in like I had before. I was going to stick with it…and try.

And something happened, something good. I was actually doing well. I was losing weight! I am now a slim 119...I can't believe it! I feel so story doesn't end there.

…Tristan fell in love with me, and things turned horrible again.

I quit training, I started failing all my classes, and well, I guess it was all my fault. Back then, I didn't believe in love. It wasn't in my system. I hadn't felt it for a long, long time. So long, I forgot it even existed.

But Tristan proved me wrong. He loved me, over and over. And even though I wanted him to stop, he couldn't. And even though I denied it then, I had fallen in love with him too. I didn't know then...but I know now...that he's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

After things began to smooth out, I figured out that Tristan was sick, very sick. He had a depression disorder…I didn't understand it. I was so mad and confused during that time, I almost felt like letting go. But somehow, he made it through. I always knew he was strong, just not that much. The doctors say he'll never be healed completely, even to this day. Even though he doesn't fall into seziures anymore...they say his body will alwalys be weak. And...that he will die young.

Sometimes I worry for him…I wonder when he'll be taken away from me.

But one day he told me, he wasn't afraid to die and that I shouldn't be afraid for him.

But secretly…I'm terrified.

"What are you writing about?! It's been like an hour!"

Amelia clutched the book quickly and placed it over her chest. Tristan rolled his eyes, reaching for it. Amelia placed it hastily behind her back with an evil grin.

"This is my diary, Tristan," she said firmly, "You are never to read it."

"I can read whatever I want…now, are we going to the movies or not? Heather and Maggie are waiting…you stupid girl."

Amelia laughed, shoving Tristan's arm as he stood up. He had been sitting next to her on her bed but had now moved to her desk, looking something up on the internet.

"Don't call me stupid!" Amelia said after awhile.

Tristan smirked as he turned around. His hair was still wet from taking a shower. It was a rather boring, summer day. School was over and thankfully wouldn't be back for awhile. So, the two had decided to hang out for the whole day…a pretty usual thing now. With Tristan moving back to Jackson, things had become a lot easier. Amelia liked that.

Smiling, she turned back to her diary. She glanced a few times at Tristan who was singing some song in his rather hazy voice. Giggling, she picked up her pencil.

Why couldn't the doctors just say he was fine? Why couldn't they just say he would live a full life? I don't understand things sometimes. How could the love of my life be taken away from me…it's something I'll never comprehend.

But Tristan told me that he doesn't want me to worry for him for the time that he is here. He told me just to love him…and that when his time comes, he'll be ready. …I wonder if I will be.

It was in those times when Tristan was at the hospital that I grew closer to Mr. Smith, Tristan's father. He used to hate me...with a passion. I can't say I really liked him as a math teacher either. But through Tristan, we somehow formed a bond. It was a bond entwined by pain...but by love also. He's like my dad now. We talk about everything together. Well not everything...but it's pretty close. And I think...this is pure speculation...that we might hear wedding bells soon. But don't take my word for it!

During that time, I also gained another father step-dad. I had never noticed how cruel I had been to him until I looked into his eyes. They seemed to beg for me. I wonder how long they had been.

But he told me to forget about it. He was my daddy now and whatever lied in the past, it lye there for a reason.

I have to love him now…he's going to be the father of my new sister. Yes…my mother is pregnant. What a nightmare!

Anyway, in that year, I also grew closer to my two younger sisters. Their both eleven now…I can't believe it…it scares me. Soon they'll be getting married and having children. Whoa…that's freaky.

Maggie and I have also grown closer. We're still not what we once were…but we're getting pretty darn close. Soon…I know, we'll be truly reunited again.

"Are you done yet?" Tristan asked, spinning around in the swivel chair. He was holding a Northwestern University pamphlet in his hand. It was going to be their college.

"No!" Amelia screamed, throwing her stuffed animal at Tristan's face, making him drop the piece of paper. Tristan smiled, throwing it back.

Just then, someone knocked on the door. Without waiting for an answer, Leah and Grace sauntered in. They were both wearing costumes for their upcoming play; a rendition of the Wizard of Oz. Leah had won the role of Dorothy and Grace the scarecrow.

"Tristan, we need you to stand in and be the Wicked Witch," Leah pleaded.

Tristan's eyes widened and Amelia chuckled.

"Go on Tristan…I know you've always wanted to be a lady!" Amelia said, now bursting out in laughter.

Tristan just stuck out his tongue as Amelia's little sisters began to drag him out of the room.

"Hurry up, we're going to the movies!" he called.

"I know!" Amelia replied, turning back to her diary.

It's amazing how Tristan has grown so close to our family. My mom often calls him her only son, something that always makes him blush. I think he has a crush on her. Wow, that would be awkward.

He also likes to hang with my dad and my sisters. My sisters always find away to embarrass him, like curling his hair.

Amelia smiled as she wrote the words.

I guess in conclusion, I'm supposed to think my life can be happier than it is right now. It can be better in someway or something's missing. But…I don't think anything is. I think for the first time…I actually have everything I've ever wanted. Now I'm sure if anyone reads this, which they shouldn't be, they'll think I'm a completely spoiled, in denial brat.

But…I'm not.

I guess, I'm just loved, in love, and loving towards others.

I suppose, all it took for me to have a happy year…scratch that, a happy life is to just open my eyes…to the love around me. And once I let it in…it never left. Love is strange and confusing. It's stupid and overrated. It's lovely and beautiful. It's upsetting and infuriating. But love is love. You make it whatever it is.

I think love is going to help me through Tristan's sickness. And when he leaves me…I think it'll show me the way back to happiness. The word love…it'll show me the way.


"Amelia, get your butt down here! We're leaving!" she heard Heather call.

"Come on, we'll miss the one-thirty showing!" Maggie added.

"I'm coming…" Amelia lowly answered, wiping a hot tear from her eye.

She closed the notebook and placed it gently under her pillow. Then she walked downstairs, down into the unknown. She didn't know if a happy ending was in her future. And she knew everything wouldn't go her way. But Amelia was going to let love lead her down the right path. Somehow, things would be okay.

"Everything alright?" she heard Tristan whisper as he wrapped her in his arms.

"…I think it just might be," Amelia replied, a warm smile on her face.

The word love…it'll show me the way. And so…it would.

The End


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