I hear silence whisper
A soft murmur of leaves
On trees I know so well

Thoughts drift down from clouds
That drift by gently
I can't tell whether it's rain
Or snow that's falling today

Here in my desert garden
My small valley, hidden away
As the world waits hungry
Just outside the green

My melody of habit is strong
Wrapped like snow around a fencepost
Standing guard over open fields
Comforted by winter's embrace
But I wonder what will happen
When Spring finally beckons

I've been looking out over the sand
So long I can't remember when I began
It's so nice here
So quiet here

The wind whispers to me
And the world calls softly
A scent long unfamiliar
Lingers in the night air

Familiar but new it sings
Like the song before the rain
Only it sounds sad and long
There is less joy in the air

Time has come, but will I
Go out to meet it now
Or try to wrap my garden
About me and freeze just
Like that lonely fence pole
In the dead of winter

I look out of my quiet garden
And listen to the wind whisper

I wonder,
What waits beyond my fear?