A shot at something...different. Please enjoy.. kind of has a anime setting to it if you think about it.

Inspired by/written to Monster, by Disturbed.


Faster... faster!! I have to-

I didn't see it until it was too late.


I tumbled down the slope, hitting jagged rocks and upturned branches. I finally hit a tree which was on the slope, stopping me harshly. Pain shot up my side, but I knew I couldnt stop now. I fought to get up, holding my side and moving around the tree, fighting not to skid down the slope, running down it awkwardly. He was close.

Too close.

How could I have let this happen?!

I hit the bottom of the slope, stumbling as my side gave a groan of protest. I slowed slightly, pain overcoming fear for a moment.

But just for a moment.

"Oh dear, youre hurt arent you? I can smell it... "

My head shot up and my heart quickened, looking around for the voice. He was close!

I forced my legs to move, pain forgotten, darting and dodging through the trees, hoping to put some distance between me and him. I still couldnt believe I had let him get so close!

"Now, if I didnt love the chase so much, I would tell you to just give up" Came the voice, forcing me to try and move faster, but the earlier fall was taking its toll. Pain shot up my side each time my foot hit the earth.

I'm not going to die this way!


I didnt see the fallen tree until it was too late. I tried to save myself by jumping over it, but my foot got caught and I hit the ground hard on the other side. Pain shot through my body, stunning me for a moment, before fear once again took hold.

I fought to get up-

"Well hello there" Suddenly his face was in my vision, and I stumbled, my back hitting the fallen tree. More, pain, then... the terror.

He found me.

Before I could even raise a hand to defend myself, he grabbed my face in one hand, pulling it close to his, that smile of his reminding me of-

"You really are pathetic, arent you my love?" He cooed dangerously, yanking my head towards him and making me gasp unconciously.

"If only I had known what you really were... I would have eaten you in an instant" He grinned menacingly at me in the moonlight.

I had nothing to say. Fear had frozen my body, and I couldnt even defend myself against the monster before me.

"You're just a fallen regret of mine" He said calmly, his grin growing wider, and it was then I realised what was happening.

He was changing!

His teeth were sharper, and fur had begun to grow on his face and hands.

"Be prepared to meet your doom.. dear lover of mine" He let go of my face, backing up so he could complete his change. He was one of the very few that could control their transformation into a werewolf.

I found I couldnt move, frozen in place as his eyes turned a golden colour, glistening dangerously at me in the moonlight.

Strange...even as a wolf he was able to smile at me.

You know, he began, speaking with his mind, I really did love you. But that was alll before you turned into a backstabbing, two timing little bitch! He bared his fangs at me.

"Backstabbing, yes. Although not by choice. Two timing... never" I gritted my teeth, fighting to get up into a standing position, leaning against the fallen tree for support.

"I never knew what you were until it was too late" I whispered, preparing myself for the time when he would attack "And I did love you too, Deav-"

Quiet wretch! He sprung forward, fangs bared. I barely was able to scrabble up onto the tree, jumping upwards as he hit, landing back on the top, just above him. I was relieved to see his fangs were stuck, which meant he couldnt attack me just yet. It gave me time...


Dont you call me by that name! You sniveling little hunter! He ripped his fangs from the tree, jumping back with liquid grace and landing not far from me. I looked down at him, feeling a twinge of regret that things had to end this way, but... it couldnt be helped. He was a creature of the night, I was the hunter of the creatures of the night. Either way, it would have come to this...

He lunged, and I sprung upwards once more, grabbing my weapon cleverly hidden under my belt-

He sprung upwards after me!


I unleashed my chain, aiming it straight for my former love, twisting and looping it around his body as his fangs came dangerously close to me, yanking tight.

"AAAWWRRR!" came the yelp from the great beast as the chain caught hold, stopping him in his tracks.

MIRAE!! He screeched as gravity took hold of us both, and we both fell to the ground. I landed on my feet, keeping a firm hold as the beast crashed to the ground in front of me. Another breath of regret, but that was gone as I saw the look in his eyes.

I knew... there was no turning back. It was either me or him.

You'll pay for that...girl!! He rose to his feet shakily, in spite of my strong hold on him with the chains. I gritted my teeth, knowing I was most likely going to loose. Deavan was no pushover, I'd known that from the start. Even before I knew he was... this.

Suddenly he sprung forward, catching me off guard and making me cry out. Seconds later I was on the ground, pain shooting through my shoulder. It took me a second to realise why.

His fangs dug deep, and I could feel the blood trickling out. This was it then... he had me...

Did you think that little trick would work on me?! You foolish girl!! I am a creature of the night-

"AAAAAAAAAAH!" I screamed, unable to hold it in, letting go of the chain and grabbing hold of his muzzle. I fought to loosen his hold on my shoulder, but it was no use. His jaws were like steel traps.

Dammit...I'm done for...

Foolish girl, did you really think you could fight against a creature of the night, against me?! His fangs dug deeper, making me grit my teeth, trying to keep in another scream.

"Deavan..." I whimpered, tears spilling from my eyes, my heart giving one last cry out to his, knowing it was over but...

I felt his grip loosen, then was shocked when I saw golden eyes looking down at me. He had let go...

Slowly, those golden eyes became deep blue ones, looking strangely down at me. Had he...was he...

Suddenly I was up, and thrown against a tree, my back protesting at the harsh treatment.

No. This was a werewolf! Cold and ruthless...

Suddenly lips were on mine in a kiss, bringing memories rushing back.

And just as quickly it was over.


He helped me up, part of me still in shock. Hadnt he just been...trying to kill me a second ago? And hadnt I-

I felt it then, turning and lifting my chain over my head, throwing the end of it towards the intruder, seeing it crash through a tree, hitting its target.

"Argh!" Came the scream. Seconds later they were down. I knew who they were.