Brilliant at Breakfast

It was the cereal that did me in. The bowl is unremarkable, white and plastic, like any bowl you could buy at Walmart for less than a dollar. Inside it is some over-priced organic nuts and oats cereal, not even what I typically like. But around the rim of the bowl you placed alternating raspberries and blackberries; in the middle are banana slices.

The presentation took thought, and time. I watch you carelessly toss the berries into your own bowl. You pour too much milk and barely make it to the table without sloshing the cereal everywhere.

You drop into the chair next to me and flash me a smile like this is not a big deal at all. It is though, I realize, watching the milk in my bowl turn an interesting greenish-gray. I am already melting.

Popping a raspberry into my mouth, I smile back.

I can't get you out of my head because of a bowl of cereal.