Konichiwa! Here's a little something special for the fans of Darby Flynn recent story: Vampires of Takasaki High. This takes place a day after the "vampire battle" at the end of the story. I hope you like it and hopefully it'd give you a couple of giggles on the way. Don't forget to comment when you're done so I know if I need to improve anything. Laters peeps and enjoy.

Mrs. Hisui grabbed her purse and started to head out the door to go shopping for tonight's dinner when she realized that she hasn't seen her daughter since she came home from school. Placing her purse down next to her new favorite Chanel shoes she went upstairs to check on her missing daughter. Once she reached her room she lightly knocked on the door, no answer.

"Megumi??" When she didn't answer Mrs. Hisui let herself in where she found her daughter passed out on her desk. "My typical daughter." As she headed to the bed to grab the throw she heard her daughter mumble a couple of words in her sleep. Mrs. Hisui just sighed, placed the throw upon her daughter and headed out to the store.

"Take that you bad vampires you," she said aloud as she swung her fist in the air still dead asleep.

Sounds of heavy breathing and the quick footsteps of Sumomo, Shikon, Claudio, Mitsuko, and Bella was all that could be heard in the darkness that surrounded them. They ran and ran never reaching an end but it seemed that they weren't stopping for fear was expressed on their faces. Suddenly Shikon stopped abruptly.

"What's wrong," Sumomo turned back for Shikon who was now just pondering where he stood. Everyone else followed Sumomo back toward him.

"I was just wondering why the hell are we running and..." He looked upon his hands and his clothes, "...why the hell do I look like some 5 year old drew me!" Rubbing his arm he showed his palm to the other. "Is this crayon?!"

Sumomo walked over and placed a hand upon his shoulder.

"Remember this is Megumi's dream we're in." Shikon answered back with the 'oh yeah' look.

"Shall we continue?" The group of crayoned drawn vampires began their "terrified" running again but this time their surroundings changed to the front of Takasaki High. Suddenly as they ran into the front gate of the school, which was locked, four dark shadows appeared on top of them. Familiar evil laughs filled the school making the five vampires crouch in fear. They looked upon the faces of the 'Bad Vampires' or Nero, Vivi, Scuro, and Nerezza.

"You have nowhere to run." Nero bellowed in an unusual deep sinister voice.

"Seems like the Bad Vampires have won!" Still oddly in the sinister voice Vivi laughed at her crouching fallen foes.

"Who could save us from the evil vampires?" Just has Mitsuko finished her dramatic scene a voice came from behind the 'Bad Vampires'.

"Never fear. Super Bad Vampire Destroyer (wow what a long name) is here to rescue you."

"Megumi has come to save the day!" Bella rejoiced in happiness at her hero. Everyone looked to find their hero Megumi up on the roof in what appears to be some crazy extravagant hero costume with a cape.

Shikon looked to Sumomo again with the 'what the hell' looked. She just replied with a 'come on I mean come on' gesture.

"NO!" Scuro yelled with fist in the air. "Not Super Bad Vampire Destroyer Megumi."

"We're doomed." Nerezza yelled in defeat. Suddenly Megumi leaped off the roof yelling,

"Super Bad Vampire Destroyer Super Kick!" As she landed on top of the 'Bad Vampires' a cloud of smoke appeared. Random words such as, Kapow! Smack! Kick and a couple more shot from the cloud of smoke. The smoke finally cleared away to expose Megumi standing proudly upon the defeated 'Bad Vampires.'

"We're finished," cried the defeated Nero. Jumping off the defeated vampires with a swift swing of her leg Megumi sent them all flying into the air.

"We're blasting off again," were the last words she heard from the group as they disappeared out of sight. (must have watched Pokémon before falling asleep)

"Megumi our hero! Oh how you're the bravest among us all." Before Shikon ran over to embrace her he turned to the 'Good Vampires', "I would never say something as corny as that."

"What can we do about it. It's in the script." Just as Shikon gestured a 'what script' Claudio whipped out a small script from out of nowhere. Snatching the script Shikon barely skimmed it as he threw it back to his 'father'.

"Can't read a damn thing in there," Confused everyone looked to the script. "Five year old drawings, five year old handwriting," Everyone just expressed an 'oh' on their face. Shrugging his shoulders Shikon just motion for Sumomo to take his place in the embracing their hero scene.

"My hero," Just after she embraced her, Megumi held her cape out and laughed over dramatically toward a drawn sunlit sky.

Back in Megumi's room the deep sleeper was now sitting upright in her chair holding out her blanket like a cape and laughing dramatically. Still completely a sleep. Suddenly her dramatic laughs placed her chair off balance and she fell to the floor. Finally awake she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"What a dream."

"Megumi you awake?" her mother yelled from the bottom of the stairs, "It's dinner time."

"Hooray food!" she rejoiced as she bolted from her room to the awaited food down below.

Hope you liked it cuz actually…it's the first real fanfic that I've actually COMPLETED!! Hooray for me. Anyways….yeah. Leave a comment to tell me how it was.



Special Thanks to Juri-chan for pushing me to get it done. #1 Tomodachi!!