Broken Fingernails & Chapped Lips

Broken fingernails, glassy eyes and chapped lips
convey the faults in our foundations perfectly;
our flaws all too obvious, and so totally destructive,
yet we grin in false tones bearing happy charm
and curl up on worn couches, whispering love
to closed ears and blind lovers who gaze mutely, unaware.
The T.V. screen flickers out fairytale endings;
People make up, make out, and make love in just
the same way we do; a�perfect mimicry of our virtual lives.
Sometimes it feels like we're just another scripted story;
that we have given in, resigned to our Hollyoaks' copy
and clichéd lines. Yet there is something calling us together,
as we writhe on soft sofa in a mergence of damaged bodies,
and your lying lips love mine like I am your everything, and so
we hide our flaws in lovely lies and numbing self-deceptions.