i wanna explode
just watch me.
i'm a lucky girl,
you see i,
i like you.

i can't think about anything but you,
day dreams all morning
of you next to me.

i'm still not sure where this came from.
i don't think i ever even
thought twice about you
before friday.

we've never had a conversation
we've never sat at the same table for dinner
we've never said hi to each other.

so you see why i wasn't expecting this, right?
i thought i was going to keep my comment anonymous
but nine pages later, i guess you see that didn't last.

i haven't talked to you today.
it hasn't even been 24 hours since we said good night
but i miss you.

i've got you
inside me

AN: italics from Explode – Uh Huh Her
four things in three days. oh. my. fuck.