I just met this girl a few days ago. She's the one I wrote about in Emotional Amnesia. She was carrying this notebook around and, when I asked, she clutched it to her chest and told me it was about the girl she knew she loved but didn't feel it. I found her story amazing and decided to write my own version of it.

I think this one is hella cute, if clichéd to the bone.

Thank you Raine. You opened a door that I had never noticed before.

Notebook Kiss.

-Kir Sirin-

"Teenage Dirtbags."

My name is Raine.
I bought this thing at Target a few days ago, and haven't found a reason to write in it.
Until now…
You see… There's this girl…

"Summer!" Jason yelled my name.

"What?!" I yelled back.

"Why are you running?!"

I started to giggle as the wind blew harder at my face. I was happy today. I mean, I'm always happy, but today I actually had a reason.

"I have to see Raine!!" I yelled over my shoulder.

I had good news for Raine.

Good news is always good, but when it's for Raine, it's great news. She's always so down about something. Like, she cant allow herself to be happy. I can usually say something, or smile a certain way, and that gets her happy, but this whole week she's been avoiding me.

And, hey, it's my job to make sure my best friend is happy.

I almost collapsed at her door, breathing heavier and heavier each time. I absently wiped the icky sweat from my cheek and put that same hand on her doorknob.

"Summer!" Jason called again, he was running out of breath too.

I grinned and ignored him as I knocked loudly.

"RAINE!" I yelled. "GET YOUR FATASS--" The door opened and her mom stepped out, smiling.

"Who's fatass are you referring to, momma?"

"Um… Certainly not yours!" I smiled.

She laughed. "Raine is in her room, sulking again. Please, hurry and make her happy again." She winked. "You always manage to get her smiling." Me and Raine's mom always talk about Raine behind her back. It's pretty funny actually.

"Uh," I smiled sheepishly. "ha, thanks?"

"You're welcome, momma." She lets me in, and Jason comes running in too.

When Raine's mom leaves, he hisses, "You bitch. Why did we have to run?"
I shrugged. "No one said you had to follow."
"It was the only way to get rid of my sister. She's so fat, she can barely walk."
"Hey, I think she's cute."

"Yeah," He rolled his eyes, still panting. "you do." He looked at me and grinned.

"Your sister is fat." I agreed and walked towards Raine's bedroom door.

I didn't bother with knocking. One: I'm practically her sister. Two: She wouldn't let me in anyways.

Nice, huh?

I walked in as silent as a ninja and looked around for her. I smiled when I spotted her.

She was sitting, hunched over, ontop of her bed, scribbling in what looked like a dairy. What. The. Hell?

I quickly shook my head of thoughts on stealing it and jumped on her bed, and immediately wrapped her neck in a hug. I laughed when I saw her quickly hide the diary.

"What's up, Raine? What's in there, huh?" I pushed my face against hers and said slyly. "Got somethin' to hide?"

"Get off." she mumbled and roughly pushed me away.

I blinked the heartbreak away and said instead, "What's the matter? Wont you tell me this time?"

She just stared at her bed sheets.

"Screw her, Summer." Jason scoffed. "Just let her PMS in her room, okay? Let's get going."

How Jason could say mean things like that, and not be afraid of Raine's Wrath, always mystifies me.

"Okay, but if I screw her, you cant watch." I wink and he blushes.

"Sh-Shut up!!"

I started to laugh. Jason's dumb like that.

"Forget all of you. I'm gonna go play tag with my damn sister. I always win anyways." He left without another word. Even his footsteps had a blush to them.

I leaned forward, towards Raine, and asked softly, "Raine? Now that he's gone… Will you tell me?"

She looked away.

"Raine…" I whined. "Pleeaaase?" I scoffed. "Fine. Guess you wont hear the good news, then."

Her head picked up.

"Yeah, that's right. I said good news, and it's for you." I crossed my arms.

She slowly turned to look at me. "What is it?"

I smiled and looked at her fully.

Her short hair had started to grow out. It barely started to cover her ears. It was a dark brown with a black shine to it. I always tease her about getting it cut again, but she usually mumbles something back that I can never hear.

Even after eight years, she still doesn't trust me.

Her hair falls over her eyes and always manages this swoosh to the side. I always loved that. Her eyes were this grayish color. When she was sad, like now, they lacked the flecks of gold that always catch me off guard. Her skin was a light creamy color that looked more like sand than anything else.

She's the kind of anti-social person I would never be friends with. She's never happy with herself. Always saying things like, "I have ugly teeth", "I'm too stupid", "I'm ugly", or "I hate myself". I rarely give her compliments, because, whenever I do, she just takes them as pity, or something else, and gets mad. She never takes chances and she always thinks that I'm after something whenever I'm nice to her.

I wouldn't even know she existed if she hadn't helped me on this math project. We were partnered up together, and she did most of the work. Actually, all of the work. I didn't even notice she was there until she sighed. I asked her who she was, why she was there, and she glared at me.

"I've been doing our project… For weeks…" She whispered.
"Oh. Really?" I titled my head. "Well… I'm Summer."

And it started. I laughed at her when I asked why she didn't say anything, but she was so damn shy, she didn't even say anything to me. Not until I told her I appreciated what she did for me. Then she smiled for the first time. The first time in two years, she told me.

We aced that project, thank you.

"Summer? The good news?" Raine persisted.

"Oh right! We don't have any classes together."

"What? How is that good news?"

"Didn't you say to me over the Summer that you hoped you didn't have any classes with me?"

"Yeah, but…" Her voice turned back into a mumble. "I was just kidding… This is bad news, Summer."

"Oh…" I blinked. "Sorry…?" The door opened and her mom walked in.

"Momma, you're mom's on the phone."


"You two look like a pair of dirtbags."

"Teenage Dirtbags!" I exclaimed. "I love that song!" Raine and I said at the same time. I looked at her, she at me, and we both started to laugh.

Her mom shook her head at us. "You two… What a pair."