It's an ego trip for just the three of them,
with the literate-weakling tagged on; merely a
charity case to soothe dear teacher's conscience.
They discuss smarmily in educated tones,
utterly oblivious to the surrounding, silent groans;
verbally back-patting and encouraging each other,
as we all look on, cringing against our desks in distaste
at such a nauseating show, so repetitive in its consistency -
every lesson another round of self praise, so inherently sickening.
The rest of us scribble lines of nothing, then scratch them out
and grimace as teacher says "Don't let these two do all the work" –
'Though they're always her first choice in a show of hands.
We fester in vivid resentment and reject her for a hypocrite;
secure in the knowledge that we are English Failures.