A Dark Knight: a Ninja's Tale

Hikari is a clumsy girl, but her ninja skills reflect her high status, especially when she is angry. Still the young Hime's first assignment is a simple crummy one. Or so she thought. Her job was to seduce and assassinate a handsome Demon Lord named Kouji. What happens when the last thing she expected to happen complicates things, her past is all a lie and the one she is to kill is the one she loves? AND�the Shogun's men are after her village! What's a poor ninja hime to do?


"You cannot be serious!" Hikari screeched at her grandfather.

"Don't you take that tone with me. I never joke about a mission, you know that. You are our finest kunouchi. That is why we are sending you."

"To poison some idiot? A child could handle it! He lives in the middle of NOWHERE and the Shogun avoids him at all costs! I am the best ninja you've got so you send me on a beginner's mission!" She shot back at the bent, wrinkled old ninja master.

"In case you didn't notice, whether you're the best or not, this IS in fact your first mission, you foolish Hime." He replied pointedly.

"So! Every other top ranking ninja got a decent first mission! Why do I have to put up with this nonsense?" She growled, shocking violet eyes narrowed and locked with his dark brown eyes.

"Go. I will not change my mind; this mission is yours Hikari-hime." He replied shortly, keeping his gaze steady with hers.

"HMPH!":WHAM: The girl spun about and left the home. The old man sighed, only Hikari could manage to slam a sliding PAPER door.

"Miazaki, Astuma." The old man beckoned. A tall slim ninja seemed to melt out of the shadows.

"Yes, sir?" He bowed and looked to the master expectantly.

"Go with her to make sure she makes it to the castle safely, then come home. It wont be safe for you there past that."

"Yes, of course Honda-sensei. I have one question though, if this is just a beginner's job like you make it seem to be, why is it so dangerous for me? What are you hiding from her sir?" The black eyed ninja asked slowly and respectfully.

"There are things, my boy, that are not meant to be known until the time is right. When you return form Lord Kouji's castle, I will explain everything to you. Take her swiftly and safely; the violet-eyed ninja must not die. She alone has the power to save us all."

The old man led Atsuma out the door, before turning and making his way to the recesses of his rather large (for a simple ninja village any way) home. He reached a small hidden wing and knelt down, gently sliding the door open. He carefully came before a small home shrine, lighting incense and praying, "Watch over our Hikari, she will need your guidance. I know your spirit lingers still in the balance between worlds, guide her and your peace will come dear one. Mitsuki, daughter, this little girl is our last hope in the coming times. I know you raised her well, but you left too soon. . .You left too soon. . ."

A/N: Well, I hope you enjoyed the rather short prologue. I hate that it wasn't longer. I couldn't add any more with out having useless information or cutting into where our story begins. This is just a short insight into what's to come. Next chapter will be longer, I promise! Thank you!