Let us take up our staves and cloaks, and leave to the wilderness of the uncertain. Without hesitation, with a slightly wavering smile as our eyes meet and tear, we turn and face the storm whose winds strip barriers. What then defines our behavior but each other's attention and yearning for each moment with each other? A tremulous kiss becomes strengthened and overpowering with matching resistance and yield.

Though we march toward the cold of the stars and the day's heat has receded beyond the grassy fields, we seek and strive for the universe that exists for us. Worlds uncountable align the interweaving paths, and somehow we have been fortunate to find the one that recedes before our footsteps to our future whirling with beginnings and ends. We have grasped the universe of ours and plunged in, though the transition was so smooth and natural, it may have been the only possible world for us at these moments. Let us never leave, never step into the worlds of others without our hands touching, close enough that we can still smell each other as we lead ourselves further down the path, conscious of the interactions, feelings, and behaviors of which we become made.

As wizards of the stretching dimensions, we cast ribbon-like spells, intricate and intertwining about each other. Our magic binds us as we traverse the faces of the earth, looking ever now and ever beyond, knowing that our spells will carry us past the world's end. From our point on the path, the woods and the stars radiate from us, and our direction is chosen together. This path never existed until the bond of our meeting was forged. Each step creates the path that could never be without our unison, and though our hearts pound, we are driven by the deepest spell cast over us, one which disintegrates obstacles and draws in opportunity.

Garbed in cloak and setting forth across lands that present themselves before us, no cold winds can penetrate as we pass through. The upheavals of earth bear forth new vistas of exploration and our selves are reflected in moonscapes, as our emotions are detected by clouds, rippling to form patterns across and about the moon, while everything the moon senses is revealed in its halo and glow. Thus we become what the night is, as we embrace and sketch our own path through worlds only the darkness and moonlight could unveil to the perceiving sorcerers.