Are You Listening?

Does anyone hear
The screams of the weak?
Can anyone offer
The salvation they seek?
Is anyone listening?
Does anyone care?
The world's tilting on its axis
And we don't have a prayer
But does anyone notice?
Does anyone see?
A world filled with pain
And no one is free
You can argue and yell
And fill the world with just more hate
And miss all the signs
Until it's all just too late
Will you stand their forever
With your fingers in your ears?
Will you ignore reality
Because of all your fears?
Pay attention for a moment
A single second in time
And you'll see how wrong the world is
Without reason or rhyme
Oh, tell me, are you listening?
Do you hear them scream?
Or do you pretend it isn't happening?
That it's all just a dream

A/N: Hope you guys like that! It's a poem about the blindness of people, which has been bothering me lately.

Have a great day!

Luv ya,
Tashi :)