i remember stealing the pain, the anger from the sea.
falling up through a rift in the sky.

i remember light hiding behind every flooding cloud,
dark lurking beneath every stormy wave.

i remember that dark grey day in my childhood when the earth opened up
and all the rain and hurricanes sang low in the fading moon.

i remember their mocking smiles and scorn when i said i could hear the trees speak,
the willow's comforting arms wrapping protectively around me when i hid from the laughter.

i remember standing on top of the steep dirt hill, grinning as the serpentine wind told me secrets
that i knew no one else knew, not even the gods; north, south, east, west, and my innocence, my happiness.

i remember lonely nights when it was just me and the silent moon
and the stars flickered with envy of a mortal child clinging to the unreachable.

so when you see me falter in step with a gentle smile on my face, eyes closed,
i can hear the winds and elements singing, screaming my name.