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Paige furiously started twirling her locker dial, trying to get her locker opened. She had about two minutes to open her always jamming locker and get to the other end of school. Since she had already been late twice this week -both times being to science- if she was late again she was going to get detention. With her after-school band practice, she didn't have time for detention. She frantically grabbed her binder and book and slammed the locker door shut. She ran off toward Mr. Taylor's class, going at an alarming rate, when she collided with tall figure.

"Watch it!" Paige murmured, trying to grab all of her things. "Where's my binder!"

"Sorry, I didn't see you. Here." Paige looked up to see a smiling girl with light blue eyes, which twinkled as she handed the binder to Paige.

"Thanks." Paige said as she put her binder into her bag. She got up and brushed herself off just as the final bell rang. "Damn..."

"Hey, would you know where Mr. Taylor's class is? I got myself lost trying to find the restroom." The girl asked.

"That's where I'm going." Paige replied, walking briskly.

"Great! Hey, I haven't introduced myself. Harper. Harper Stevens." Harper said, walking besides Paige.

"Paige Rynolds. So you new here? I haven't seen you around." Paige replied, turning a corner.

"Ya, just moved here." Paige stopped and reached to open the door, but Harper opened first. "Let me."

"Ms. Rynolds, what a pleasant surprise. Thank you for joining us. Would you care to introduce us to your new friend?" Mr. Taylor asked, as Paige slumped toward her seat.

"Hello sir, I'm sorry Ms. Rynolds was just helping me. It was my fault she was late. I'm Harper Stevens, sir." Harper introduced herself to the teacher.

"Yes, Ms. Stevens. You can ask Ms. Rynolds for what we've been studying." Mr. Taylor said.

"We've been studying-" Paige started to explain, but was cut off by Harper.

"World War II. The principal told me what all my classes have been studying." Harper replied. "So, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Personal question." Paige remarked, glancing at Harper. Her hair was dark brown with red highlights. Her blue eyes seemed spark as she grinned at Paige.

"I'm just asking. So do you?" Harper asked, examining her nails.


"Girlfriend?" Paige glared at Harper. Harper shrugged, "I know. Personal question."

"No." Paige said, looking at Harper. Her heart melted at the sight of Harper's eager grin and dazzling blue eyes. She bit her lip and looked down. "The bell's gonna ring soon."

"Oh. Can you show me to room 202?"

Until lunch, Paige discovered that she had the same schedule as Harper. She walked to the cafeteria and sat at her normal table with Harper right next to her.

Two people, a boy and a girl, came up and sat down at the table. "Who's this?" the boy asked, sitting down.

"Harper this is Quinn and Freddie."

"Charmed." The girl said, shaking Harper's hand. She elbowed the boy. "Manners Quinn!"

"Jeez. Hi. Better?" Quinn stuck his tongue out at Freddie. She rolled her eyes.

"Hey baby." Another girl came up, followed by a blonde boy, who was dressed in very bright colors.

"Hey sweetie." Freddie responded, as the girl put her arms around her waist.

"The one with her arm around Freddie is Ash. The blonde is Cedric." Paige explained to Harper, pointing to each of the people named.

"Hi." Harper waved.

"Uncomfortable?" Freddie asked, laying her head on Ash's shoulder.

"No, actually, I'm perfectly fine with it. Girlfriends?" Harper asked.

"Ya. Six months." Freddie grinned.

"Congrats." Harper replied. "You two make a cute couple."

"Thanks." Ash grinned and gave her girlfriend a kiss.

"OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOUR HAIR!" Cedric clapped his hands together.


"Quinnie! Come here!" Cedric said. Quinn grinned and moved to sit next to Cedric.

Harper turned to Paige and smirked. "So, you're the only one not in a relationship?"

Freddie laughed. "Ya, she's too stubborn to go out with anyone."

"No, I just don't need to get involved with anyone right now." Paige responded. "And I am not stubborn!"

"Whatever." Freddie rolled her eyes and smirked at Paige.

"So, Paige, how's the new song coming along?" Quinn asked, nipping on a carrot.

"Song?" Harper asked, whirled toward Paige.

"Ya, we have a band. It doesn't have a name yet, but we have some songs." Paige replied.

"I'm the drummer, Freddie's lead guitar, and Ash's the bassist." Quinn said. "Pagiey here's the lead singer/song writer."

"I'm the lucky manager/roadie/techie/hair/makeup crew." Cedric grinned.

"We have a practice tonight. You can come." Paige replied. The bell ran and the group ran off toward their classes. The rest of the day was uneventful. Paige had one more class with Harper, last period, so they walked together to Paige's house.

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