I came up with this a little while ago. Then I finally decided to put pencil to paper.

This is rated T for mild language. Sorry...

Summary- Not your ordinary middle school story. One day April finds a black cat that carries a curse dating back to ancient Japan. But this animal soon transforms into a teenage boy! He doesn't exactly appeal to her friends. Can she get them to get along in order to finish something that happened so many years ago?

Main Characters in my Story:

Julia- There's this friend of mine (known as Jew on fictionpress) and I decided to insert her in this story and a certain someone (no, he doesn't go on fictionpress). Julia is polite (sometimes), mean, and funny at the same time. She's in the middle of Goth, she doesn't wear black all the time and she's nice/mean. Mild curser, but not when Kris's around.

Kris- She's really wired sometimes and can get VERY hyper. She dislikes cussing, scratch that, she despises cussing and hates it when people cuss around her.

April (me) - Always happy go lucky and ready to help others. Tolerates cussing but doesn't cuss herself. :D

Ash- Sort of a jock, black hair, VERY tall too. I don't know, about five feet, uhh, taller than 5'5".

Gina- Depressing, sorta Goth (no she's not emo), curses on a daily basis. Gina's kind of the outsider of the group. Mainly friends with April because the others dislike her (ironic isn't it? the two are COMPLETE opposites).

Basically this is a story about some friends in school (and outside school). I decided to do this story because Julia kinda has a crush and I thought I'd fit it into a story I'd been thinking about. I didn't say it was gonna be a one regular though. ;D

What A Way To End The Week...

April stared at the ticking clock. You know when you want to get something over with and time seems to slow down SO much it makes you wanna jump out of your skin? Well, today was one of those days... The hands of the white clocked moved so slow that it felt like time was slapping her in the face. brushed her short blond hair aside and groaned.

She glanced across the room. There sat Gina, chewing on her pencil eraser. She was obviously as ticked off as Aprilwas. She hardly ever chewed on her pencil.

Five minutes. There were five freakin minutes left. She'd finished her worksheet and was now waiting for the annoying bell to ring. Lots of kids were tapping their pencils and others were still finishing their homework. DANG was this taking long.

"Why me?" she mumbled.

Gina groaned and threw her pencil across the room at April. How it hit her exactly in the eye is a mystery in it of itself. She glared while rubbing her it. Gina chuckled. Well at least it was keeping her busy.

Other kids seemed to think that was something fun to do because a few hit her head. The teacher looked up from her desk. What, was she psychic? April always wondered why they knew when students were doing something mischievous... Another mystery added to the list of the Seven Wonders of the World, never to be discovered.

Why do they torcher me like so? She whined in her head.

She stuck her pencil in her binder then all of a sudden-


Startled, April fell out of her chair. And boy did it HURT.

"Ow..." she moaned trying to get up, using her desk for support.

The kids laughed as they walked by and Gina cussed them out. She walked over.

"Thanks for the whack in the eye," April said sarcastically.

She laughed quietly to herself. "Anytime."

They walked out of the classroom and went their separate ways; considering Gina had Social Studies (all the way on the other side of the hallway) and April's class was Math (and of course just happened to be the next classroom over).

Lucky, you would think, she doesn't have to walk that long. Wrong. Math was the worst subject that humans came up with. To think, she had to learn this stuff now. It was just a subject with numbers. Throw in some times and division signs and you can come up with a million ways to do homework. As Gina would say, "The idiot that came up with Math was either mental or on crack."

Why couldn't it have been the classroom next to Social Studies? At least she would get more time to clear her head before going into the most stressful class of the day...

At least Julia was with her, she wouldn't have to suffer alone. Julia got A's in Math and April got B's and C's. Why did she like this subject so much?

The world may never know... April put her binder on her desk and sat down. No matter how painful it was she always smiled and sat there quietly. Why didn't she ever complain, you ask? Mainly because she thinks of the glass as half full. Besides, it could've been worse.

Julia sat diagonally from her. She had shoulder-length dark brown hair kinda like Gina's (except Gina's was longer). Julia grabbed the packet they had been assigned to do last night.

"Oh snap," April said while looking through her folder.

"Can't find it?" Julia asked. "Damn it April, that's the third time this week."

She slouched in her chair, a disappointed expression on her face.

"I know..." Sometimes she blanked out on homework and forgot where she put it. She finished it all right, but what's the use of finishing it if you can't find it afterwards?

The teacher, Mrs. Weedman, told them to pass up their papers. The two passed up the papers that were in their row.April set her head on her desk. Julia saw the look on her face and laughed quietly. She looked miserable.

"Guilt trip, guilt trip," she whispered, chanting it a little.

"Be quiet," she whined. "Kris isthe one that takes guilt trips."

Julia folded her arms on the desk and set her head on her elbow. She must've agreed with her because Kris was the most honest person ever. Heck, one time when her mom told her she'd pick Kris up from Julia's house at five; Kris wanted to stay longer. She knew her mom was tired and worked a lot, so she called her back and went home early. Kris had a guilty look on her face for five or ten minutes and was pacing back and forth. That's why Julia calls 'em guilt trips.

And now April was feeling the same thing right in the pit of her stomach. The whole class period she sat there quietly, copying down the answers off of Julia's paper. April moved Julia's sleeve of her Bobby Jack shirt to copy yet another answer.

She flipped her paper over and glared at April. "Do it yourself."

"You know I stink at math," she said.

Julia smiled. April sounded like a little kid when she said that. "You got that right."

"Are you going to the basket ball game next week?" April asked randomly.

"Where did that come from?" Julia looked at her strangely.

"Yeah, I'm random, everyone knows that, now will you please answer my question?"

"The one for school right?" her voice became softer when she noticed the teacher was staring at them. She tried to look like she was doing her homework. "The one right before Spring Break?"

"Yes," April said sternly. "You going?"

"I think I paid my five dollars, I don't know."

"You'd better pay, I'm going, Kris's going, and I think Ash is playing..." She wondered off in thought. "Yeah, I'm sure he's playing."

Julia laughed. "Of course he's playing. A dumb jock, that's what he is."

And with that, their conversation ended and the bell rang not long after.

April waved goodbye to Julia and headed off to her next class. She walked down the steps. Good thing she didn't need any books for computer. Computer class wasn't bad because all you did was type. That went by fast. She rushed out the door and headed upstairs again to band class.

The twins, Ashley and Alicia (uh-lee-shuh), were in this class also so it wasn't too painful. A few scales here and there, play a couple of songs, and you're done before you know it. April and Alicia played the flute and Ashley played the clarinet.

Will, the only oboe, started talking about movies in the middle of class. That whipped everyone into a frenzy. He was ALWAYS talking about movies. About the latest, the oldest, about the ones that had one awards. Nobody cared what he said for a while but when he kept babbling on it got really annoying.

April heard her stomach growl. "I want it to be lunch soon," she whined. Lunch was pretty much all she thought about in band.

"Don't worry," Alicia smiled, "It'll be lunch next hour."

Ashley giggled in the back row. "Yeah, be patient April."

That was the only quality he mother hadn't given her...patience...

They played Arrowhead Overture for five minutes (since it was like two pages long) then played a little song from their books.

The clock was across the room so she couldn't tell what time it was.

Finally, she heard the teacher say, "Time to pack up."

"Yay!" April literally ripped her instrument apart and shoved the pieces into her flute case.

She grabbed her book and put it in the cubbie hole (I guess that's what it's called). She put her flute on the shelf in the storage room.

There she sat, watching the ticking clock again. The familiar bell rang and she was soon out the door. "Lunch, lunch, gotta get to lunch."

She ran through the hallway and dashed right past the kids coming out of the classrooms. Apparently she wasn't watching where she was going because she soon ran into someone.

"Ow..." she said while on the ground. She grabbed her binder and glanced up at the person she'd run into.

"Watch it," the tall boy growled.

"Sorry Ash..." She got up and stared at her feet in embarrassment. She changed the subject to something random. "So are you playing in the basket ball game?"

He started walking. "Why do you want to know?" he looked at her suspiciously.

"Julia wanted to know, not me," April lied and started to follow him.

They walked up the stairs with the kids on either side of them. "Yeah, I'm playing, happy?"

She frowned, why was he so grumpy today?

They reached the top of the stairs and turned left. She glanced at him. He had an angry look on his face. April kept her distance and quickly paced into the classroom. She walked in to see black tables around the room. She set her binder on the table near the door and sat down to wait for Julia.

The walls were covered with all kinds of animal, plant, and solar system stuff. Ash set his black binder on the table in the back and headed for the door. Julia walked in the door behind April.

She followed Julia to her table and went out the door to head for lunch. Where Julia went, April was sure to follow. She was like a shadow or a dog. Loyal yet annoying sometimes.

"Ash looked upset, what'd you say to him?"

April jumped. "Are you stalking me or something?"

"Yup, I'm a stalker," she smiled. "You know that already."

The two turned the corner. "So, whatdidyousay?" she said, with more pressure in her voice.

"I didn't say anything, honest! He was already angry." She added,"I don't know why though."

Julia looked at her skeptically. "Really?"

"Really," April responded, not detecting the sarcasm in her voice.

The black haired girl sighed and walked down the stairs. They reached the lunchroom and sat at their regular table, waiting for the long line to die down. "So...watcha doin' this weekend Julia?"

Julia shrugged. "Not much. Getting on the net, napping maybe, nothing important. Why, you wanna come over?"

"No," she said, "This time you and Kris are coming over to my house."

She laid back in her chair. "Fine then, I'll ask Kris. I got her next hour."

April nodded. "Wanna go in line?"

Julia glanced at the medium long line. "Let it die a little more."

"Kay." April laid her head on the lunchroom table.

After a few minutes, Julia signaled that it was short enough. They got their lunches in no time and ate them quickly. A chicken sand which and fries wasn't much of a lunch, after all.

Once the bell rang, kids were scrambling up the stairs. April held onto Julia's hood of her hoodie, trying not to get lost in the sea of students.

When they, surprisingly, reached their classroom most of the kids were wandering around and talking before the second bell rang.April decided to sit in the empty seat at Julia's table. In front of Julia sat Ash. April nudged Julia. Julia poked April in the side. She laughed (it tickles ALOT).

Ash sat there unmoving. "Um, you okay?" Julia asked.

He stayed silent. "Is he breathing?" April whispered to her.

Julia poked her again. "Hello?" she waved her had in front of his face.

He said nothing. "DAMN IT ASH, RESPOND!" Julia yelled in his face.

He blinked. She hit him on the head. He blinked again. She walked over to the other side of the table and stepped on his foot as hard as possible. This time, a reaction.

"OW!" Ash shouted. "What was that for!"

"For not answering my question, asshole." Julia glared.

April giggled. She glanced at her. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing..." she laughed quietly.

Class had already started. April said, "Well, I'd better get back to my seat."

"Don't forget, Julia," she added. "Better yet, I should call to remind you."

April walked to her seat and sat down. The teacher handed out a worksheet after 15 minutes of teaching. "We can work in partners, can't we?" a girl asked.

Mrs. Burnette nodded. And of course, April was in the seat next to Julia in no time. "Julia, do you have your science book?" she asked.

Julia stared at the wall. "Where's yours?"

April blinked. "My locker is too far away from the science room, I'd be tardy if I were to get it."

Julia just stared at the wall.

April frowned. "Hello? You daydreaming or something?"

"Huh?" she turned to her friend. "What?"

"I'm the daydreamer; you're the one who's supposed to let me use your science book."

April searched under the science table and found it on her binder. "That wasn't so hard now was it?"

"Well, sorry. I was thinking of...something..." she wandered off into dreamland again.


"Huh?" she said, regaining consciousness.

"We're never gonna get any homework done if you don't stop letting your mind wander." April glared at her. "SO STOP!"

"Sorry," the black haired girl apologized again.

April sighed. "What is it?"

"Nothing..." she said looking away.

"Did Ash steal your panda again?" April guessed.

"No," she responded. April thought some more. Julia had a keychain with a panda on it, and another one with a polar bear, named Antartica. Ash usually stole the panda bear and almost brought it home with him once.

"Did he steal...Antartica?" she asked, glancing at the black haired boy.

"NO!" she yelled. April nearly fell off her chair. What was her problem?

"April, it's just that... Remember that we got our report cards this morning?"

She nodded.

She motioned for them to move to April's table. They sat down and Julia continued. "Well, you know why Ash was so angry?"

April shrugged. "Um, no?"

"He got his report card today and well..." she stopped.

"It stank?" she assumed.

"It sucked, really bad."

April thought for a minute. "So...are you worried about your report card?"

"Not really..." her voice trailed off.

April smirked. "Oh, I get it. You're worried about him."

Julia stopped. "Um...uh, kinda, I guess..." she stammered.

"Well, you can stop worrying. Ash'll be fine," she said, trying to comfort her friend. Julia didn't seem reassured. "Now," she reminded her, "We've got some homework to do."

The two looked off of Julia's science book. It was a fill-in-the-blank worksheet so it didn't take long. April glanced at the clock.

"Five more minutes."

"It always ends like this..." she moaned.

They sat at Julia's table, waiting for the bell to ring.

"So...um, Julia, I'll call you and...No, you just come over at four, kay?" April insisted. "Tell Kris too. I'm positive I don't have anything going on. After all, it is Friday."

"Yup." Julia smiled.

There was a silence for a few minutes then the bell rang. April walked to her Social Studies class without saying goodbye to Julia. Why was she so worried about Ash? She'll be fine... April thought. She stopped by her locker and picked up her Social Studies book.

In Social Studies, April was with Emily. Emily smiled all the time and loved Anime as much as she did. Social Studies was her favorite class of the day for some reason...

It passed by surprisingly quickly since there was no homework to do.

Last class... Language Arts. She didn't hate it, but she didn't love it either. Most of her friends were in that class anyway. Which was kinda a problem since Gina didn't get along with any of April's friends.

Julia sat in front of her, Gina in back, and Kris to the right. In the beginning of class Gina and Kris were getting into it, but settled down after the second bell.

Kris looked at Julia then April. "What's wrong with Julia?"

She tried to think of a way to sum it up. "She's worrying her head off for nothing important. She'll be fine."

"Over what?" Kris asked, concerned. She always took things more seriously when she wasn't the first one told.

"Ash's report card," April said while glancing at the boy two rows over.

"You're kidding," Gina butted in.

Krisglared, signaling for her to be quiet. Gina began finishing her homework she didn't finish from the night before. She was always this lazy.

The three handed their homework to the teacher and Gina handed in what she had finished. "It's nothing to worry about Kris," April assured her. The teacher began teaching.

Gina complained throughout the whole class, Julia stared off into space, and Kris kept nagging April about Julia. The teacher had to quiet them down a couple of times. They all apologized except, of course, Gina.

The teacher handed out a worksheet on punctuation. Gina groaned.

"Hey, it isn't that bad," April assured her. "She could've given us a packet."

She just snorted. "Whatever."

They all put their homework away and waited for the bell to ring. The teacher noticed Martin sleeping in class again. Heck, he always slept in class. She walked in the front of the room.

"Class I want each of you to take a Literature book out from under you desk."

April noticed Martin sleeping. Now she saw where this was going. She took the dictionary-sized book out from her desk.

"Hold it desk-high in the air," Mrs. Newton instructed.

Gina held hers higher. "Drop them," she waited. "Now!"

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! A series of wild crashes filled the room. Martin immediately woke up and fell out of his chair.

Gina practically LMAO'd the rest of the class period.

"He falls just like April!" she laughed.

Everyone started laughing wildly. What a way to end the week.

: D this.took.forever.to.write. I'm glad it's finally finished. Imagine how long the second chappie's gonna be. It's gonna have that black cat in it, that's for sure.

C u laterz!