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Breaking Innocence

Midnight opened one sleepy eye, lying in his usual spot on top of the fridge. He grumbled when April shook him awake. "Wake up lazy bum!" she growled. He mumbled something she couldn't hear and turned away from her. The next thing he heard was footsteps on the stairs and a door shutting. He sighed, relaxing a second before jumping up and leaping off the fridge to rush upstairs. Today he and the rest of the Tsume had agreed to start training them.

Austin filled up his cat food with that atrocious cat food and Cameron sat in the living room singing his idiotic cartoon show's theme song. A regular morning in this house but there was no April. Maybe she went outside… he thought.

He meowed as best he could to get their attention but they ignored him. Annoyed, Midnight knocked a few things over and got Austin to chase after him. He led him downstairs and scratched on the door, indicating he wanted to go out. He shook his head. "No Midnight."

He did the same thing to Cameron and even the mom but got the same reaction from each of them: "No Midnight."

Midnight sat in a corner, seeing if sulking would work. Nobody paid any attention. He glared at their feet. Sure he could understand them but it was pointless to try and make them do what he wanted. Letting a cat outside was a definite no-no in this house. He doubted there were any holes small enough to crawl through. Midnight's ear twitched. He scented the air, the smell of a breeze drawing him towards a window.

He pushed through the curtains to see the screen open enough for him to slide out. The only problem was that it looked a bit high... There was a table below. Well, it was better than concrete. Midnight scooted halfway outside. "I really hope cats have nine lives," he sighed.

Instead of leaping off the edge he kind of stumbled. It wasn't long before he landed flat on the plastic kiddy table. "Dammit..." he hissed, peeling himself from the hard surface. Uncontrollable laughter sounded from behind him. Midnight whipped around to glare at who was mocking him.

He tensed when he saw the blonde-haired boy laughing like there was no tomorrow. Vik was sitting down, taller than Midnight was in his cat form. He breathed a sigh, calming down. "And I always thought cats landed on their feet," he said, somewhat disappointed.

"Can it," he growled. "You're the one who falls out of trees."

"Hey, meeping cows are nothing to mess with."

Midnight narrowed his eyes. Something about him was different. Like, this was an opportunity of some kind. Vik's expression remained the same as always though. The black cat began brushing some of the dirt from his fur. "Why are you even here anyway?" Midnight asked. He had no reason to be in their backyard whatsoever.

"Oh," he said, as if realizing where he was. "I was just in the neighborhood and I was bored so I came to see if you guys wanted to hang out." Midnight highly doubted that.

"Sorry, we're busy," he snapped. Vik didn't seem to want to take no for an answer. "You sure?"

"Yes I'm sure," Midnight said before walking away from him. He heard laughter once again. Midnight turned to glare at Vik.

"You don't even know where she is, do you?"

Midnight's black fur was probably turning red at the moment. How did he know? Midnight growled in response, turning away. He'd pretty much just confirmed that he was completely lost to this idiot…

"Thought so," Vik said. He walked in front of the small cat. "Tell you what, since you're obviously too small and defenseless to go looking for her alone, I'll assist you."

"I'M NOT THAT SMALL!" he defended.

"In that form you are," he pointed out. "And it's not like you can ask anybody for directions as a cat." Midnight grumbled in agreement.

"Fine." It wasn't long before they began walking. He assumed Vik was heading towards Kris's apartment. He padded along beside him. Midnight hated the fact that when someone came by they pointed and laughed at him. It was funny for a cat to follow a human around on the street. Nope, you don't see that everyday.

He glanced up at Vik. Detecting his stare, Vik looked down on him and smiled. "Something bothering you?" he asked casually.

"You." Midnight stopped. His voice became darkly serious, but Vik remained calm. "Most people would at least be a little fazed about us. But you…"

Vik knew where this was going and tilted his head. "But you don't seem the least bit surprised," he finished.

He noticed the laid-back boy's eyes darken. "I've seen my share of strange happenings."

Midnight scampered in front of him as he started walking. "What could possibly be stranger than humans transforming into cats? Dogs transforming into humans?" he hissed, "What have you seen that's stranger than that?"

"Hey Midnight!" a familiar voice called. Midnight suddenly felt himself hoisted off the ground and into someone's arms. He turned to see April's smiling face. "Sorry, you didn't seem like you wanted to wake up so I just left you there."

Midnight blinked, then was abruptly taken away by someone else. When he caught Gina's brown eyes he glared. She glared back and shook him up and down. "Hey you stupid lazy cat we've been waiting here forever 'cause of you," Twilight said from behind her.

"Um, Gina," April said, sweatdropping. "Maybe you should be a little more…uh, gentle?"

Then Midnight was pulled away by another person. This time he was being swung in the air. Julia's voice rang loud and clear. "You sneaky little cat you!" she sneered, giving him a noogie. "You're the one who said we should all meet up for something! Ditching your own meeting eh?" Midnight was able to glance around for a sec to see where they were. They weren't that far from Kris's apartment. Everybody stood on the sidewalk and were probably heading to Julia's house. Weird, Julia was already with them…

"Looks like he's got a tag-along," Em pointed out, turning to Vik who was standing off to the side. Weird, Emily was with them too… Guess they weren't as lazy as he thought they'd be.

Vik waved his hand. "Yeah, long story short I'm bored so I'm gonna tag-along with you guys okay?" A few of them just shrugged but Midnight kept his glare. He hadn't forgotten their previous conversation so easily and wasn't going to let it go.

"No meeping cows?" he asked April. She shook her head. "No meeping cows," she agreed, smiling.

Every one of them seemed generally excited today (with a few exceptions). Midnight hadn't even told them what they were together for. He asked everyone to start heading down the road. Midnight received a few groans. He couldn't wait till he got back in his human form.

They crossed an intersection, getting strange looks from drivers as they passed. Yeah, not your normal group of middle school kids. The group gradually came to a stop. "Where now? Do were keep going?" Kris questioned.

"Nah, we're here," Midnight said, leaping into the grassy field. The pasture had a hill that lead up to a highway but other than that it was fine. There were trees to conceal them anyway. And if not some of the grass was tall enough to cover them up. Good for stealth exercises.

"I'M TELLING YOU, IT WAS A SWORD!" Em shouted angrily.

"Lies," said Vik.

Em glared at him. "Then how come you're still rubbing your side?!" she demanded. He twitched.

"JUST KIDDING!" Em said, "But seriously, this was a sword."

Julia rolled her eyes. "It's a piece of bamboo, you claim this be a sword?" she said with a pirate-like accent "Arr!" Kris and April growled.

Em glared at her 'friends'. "Whose side are you on?"

"Why, Kevin's of course!" April responded for her. They high-fived.

"KEVIN WILL RULE ALL SOMEDAY!" Julia shouted, holding her fist to the sky. Kris sweatdropped.

They came upon some brush on the side of the road. Midnight squinted his eyes, noticing a figure sitting in front of it. When they had gotten closer it was clear that those brown eyes could have only belonged to Day. Everyone but Vik and Em's reaction was to immediately attack him. Midnight was the first to lunge at him, attaching his claws to Day's leg. He gnawed at his leg while Day tried kicking him off.

"Bad Midnight!" April shouted, saying the words used to transform him. Everyone stopped yelling at Day and burst out laughing at the sight of Midnight holding Day's leg. Midnight, soon realizing this, began spitting the vile taste of dog leg.

"Disgusting!" Midnight spat. Then he punched Day's nose.

Day recoiled. A second later Midnight held Day's neck in his grip. Day's eyes were locked on to his, but they showed no anger. A hand was placed on Midnight's shoulder.

"Hey." Em said quietly. "He's on my watch, not yours."

Midnight hesitated, then nodded. He released Day's neck abruptly. He breathed. "I didn't come to fight," Day spat, glancing at Em.

"Then what for?" Julia demanded.

"I have a message from Millennia."

Midnight's eyes widened slightly. Day noticed this, becoming more confident. His eyes traveled around the group. Half of them seemed confused as to what he was talking about. "What the hack is Millennia?" April questioned. Gina shrugged at her.

Day gaped at Midnight. "They don't even know who Millennia is?"

"Nope," said Julia, "So just move along like a good little puppy so we can get on with our lives." Day fumed.

"Would you like to stay for tea and crumpets?" Kris invited.


"Jolly good, then we shall drag you along any way old chap." She pointed to the sky for no apparent reason.

Gina rubbed her forehead. "Okay, who is Millennia? Where the heck are we going? And why does Vik sound like he wants to kill you?" All eyes went to Vik. Vik blinked innocently. "What? I didn't say anything…"

"You lie, I hear you now," she snapped. "You're threatening Day with various punishments of unspeakable humility."

Em high-fived him. "Me too! We should hang out some time!"

Midnight narrowed his eyes at Vik. All Vik did was shrug it off. Gina blinked a few times, confused. "I can hear Julia's thoughts too… Something about evil flying monkeys…"

Julia smiled. "You know it!"

"Wait…" Em walked up to Gina and stared her in the face. "What am I thinking?"



April whispered to Kris, "She's either telepathic or crazy…"

"Hay, why can't I be both??" she whined, randomly hugging Twilight. Twilight just glared at Midnight as always.

Day coughed. "AHEM," he coughed. Midnight sighed, turning to the Kiba warrior.

"What's the message?" he asked, his stare cold.

Day returned his glare with equal bitterness. "Her exact words were: If the Familiars try to reinstate the Guardians, the moons of the past will make their journey to the present, only for it to end the same."

Day turned to leave, but Em clamped the back of his shirt. "Where do you think you're going, buddy boy?" she hissed.

Day glared at her. "My business is done here. Now let me suffer in peace."

Em put her free hand on her hip. "Nuh-uh. You're coming with us to training camp, to train and explain. You're on my watch, remember?"

Day glared. "I don't have to do what you say," he snapped.

Em smirked. "I've got blackmail, remember?" she replied.

Day froze. He gave her the eye. "Shut up, I'm coming," he said reluctantly, following her as she led the way.

"Em you don't know where you're going!" Julia said while trying to catch up. The rest of them soon followed after.

Midnight watched the unsuspecting children chase after their friend. Not a care in the world. He tilted his head; sad golden eyes falling to the ground. "Is it alright for me to break their innocence, Century?"

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