My Modest Proposal

For preventing the people of the United States of America from the degeneration of the purity of their souls and solidity of their faith

In the nation in which we reside, such a tax it is on the mind to fulfill the requirements of society and meet the infinite demands of instilled and unachievable expectations set aside for ourselves, by ourselves and others, that focus on self-improvement and spiritual growth is left polluted and stagnate. However, a solution to the decline of our very soul's well-being is at hand. The weight of responsibility need not be upon us, and I believe, not a constraint to which we should be subject.

It should be stated that for far too long the burden of responsibility has been wearing down our precious country, the praise and achievement preventing the public from seeing a future more prestigious than previous years. Our past ambitions and victories have out done our present selves, and the pressure upon us is too great to overcome.

The threat of failing has overridden productivity and continuing at this ever mounting rate, I fear would be the complete and utter demise of our nation's livelihood; hence I purpose the removal of stressors upon the American people.

Our government is the ultimate restriction upon our human liberties. It is true that the days of human law ruling supreme were superior, Locke's principles being fundamental, but there is the one notion of social contract I deem misguided. A social contract detaches us from our true selves, our nature, and gives us over to the belief that to be oneself, one must submit to the collective strain of protected and defended burden. Progress and perseverance have given us an assumed right to be free of the reprimand of responsibility. It is the duty of our inferior nations to support our way as an ultimate debt of honor to the legacy paving the road of their futures.

In removing the obligations of citizens to country, freed are the opportunities for all the endeavors previously denied and with the restrictions on our nature lifted, the trepidation facing a deviation from fixed and perceived actions vanishes. Human endeavor will therefore go unrestricted, spiritual and moral matters at the forefront, placing the role of government laws into the hands of the individual.

I am assured by the gratitude of the civilizations we as a country have brought to greatness, saved from the grimy depths of primitive existence, that forever their benevolence will be far reaching, a voluntary action unto their saviors. American then, will sustain and fortify its spiritual and moral substance. Restoration of morale and the reinvigoration of the diminishing enthusiasm and motivation with again be infinite and the predator of endless ambitions.