Chapter Three

The first time Jacob tried to call Laura was completely funny. He called her and Mom picked up the phone. "Yeah… she's right here… Laura! It's Jacob!"

Laura went to pick up the phone and Jacob was telling her about their "date" to the museum the following day, and our mom and Jacob's mom had already planned everything out, but Laura kept saying, "No, I cannot go."

There was a pause.

"No, I cannot go to the museum."


"I'm sorry. I cannot go."

She's so melodramatic.


When we're watching movies, even if she's seen them practically a hundred times (especially Goblet of Fire), Laura still asks questions about it. When we get bored and put in GoF, she'll ask at the beginning, "Who's that?"

"That's Voldemort."

"Voldemort kills Cedric."

"Yes, he does."

"He's not very nice."

God bless her.


We used to play this trick on our grandma McNees when we were younger because people commented that our voices sounded a lot alike, so we used this to our advantage. Grandma would talk to Mom, then she'd talk to me, then to Laura, and then to me again. When Laura was done talking, she wouldn't say goodbye; she just passed the phone back to me and I pretended to be Laura. It was a good system.


Laura is the only girl in her AI class.

She's made it clear that she likes Jacob, but that doesn't stop her other admirer, Tom. Tom has also made it clear that he likes Laura, but it's an unrequited love. One day, Tom was trying to woo Laura (something like that) and Jacob was getting jealous, so he said, "Tom, you can go out with my sister."

Now Jacob doesn't like dancing, and apparently, Tom loves to, so when we asked Laura one day if she was going to dance with Jacob at prom, she said, "No. I'm going to dance with Tom."

"Is Tom your boyfriend now?"

Laura laughed. "No, Jacob's my boyfriend!"

Don't you just love the drama of three high school AI kids?


Laura's favorite video game is Cars. And watching her play, it's very clear why she should never, ever get a license. She'll actually go out of her way to run into other cars, signs, and pretty much anything in her way. But one time she did this really awesome trick where she made the car jump really high, it flipped through the air, and then landed back on the road.

It was so awesome.


The other day when Mom and Laura came to pick Kassy and me up from school, Laura presented Kassy with a butterfly necklace made from paper and yarn.

Kassy said, "Oh, is it for me?"

Laura said, "Yeah!"

I asked, "Do I get one?"

Laura laughed. "No!"

I was hurt. "What?"

Kassy laughed at me. "She likes me more than yooou!"

"Uh-uh!" I protested and I looked at Laura. "Laura, you love me, right?"

"Aw, yeah, I love you."

There was a pause.

Kassy started making fun of me again. "She likes me more than yoou!"


It started to get warm again, so Laura and I went out for a bike ride the other day, and I was in the lead because one) I knew what roads to take, and two) Three words: Older. Smarter. Stronger.

We took a pit stop at the elementary school and we heard a train coming, and it was a long one, which meant that the streets near our neighborhood would be blocked, granting us safe passage.

Then Laura had some major mood swings.

I was only five feet ahead of her and I was shouting at her to hurry so we could make it, and then literally out of nowhere, she starts crying and shouting, "Don't leave me!"

"Laura, I'm not gonna leave you!"

"Wait for me!"

"I'm five feet ahead of you!"

She's such a drama queen.



"I was a baby, I was born."

"Oh, that's a long time ago."

"I'm sorry I'm taller than you." (Brat)

"The trees are growing. Keep growing... keep growing..."

"Call me Laura."

"I'm not sick!" (When she really is sick; she hates the thought of missing school)

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