The Peer Pressures of an Aspie

By: Jennifer Gay

Summary: These are my accounts of the days that sort of changed my life. This is basically a tale of me learning about "What was wrong with me" and such. Some of it has been dramatizes to fit the plot, but it's slightly all true because I can't really remember the days that these events happened. It was so long ago…

Chapter 1: One Day of Third Grade School

1998. It was a somewhat nice August day here in the rural part of Tuscaloosa County as we come upon a medium sized house with a somewhat, long driveway up to the house. There were two cars here at the house; one was a red, Ford SUV, and the other car was actually an off-white, Ford truck. Anyway, there was a six year old, black lab sleeping next to the main entrance to the house in the somewhat empty carport garage. She was sleeping with a smile on her face, dreaming of her four masters; the Gay family.

[There was David, the dad of the family, cooking steaks on the grill like he did sometimes. There was Judy, the mom of the family, looking after the young ones in the tall, pine-wooded backyard. There was nine year old Kyle, the oldest child of the family; he was shooting a water gun at his little sister. The last person in the dream was the littlest one of the family; eight year old Jennifer, who was currently being squirted down by Kyle's water gun.

Suddenly, Dixie, the dog, heard a noise as she came to from her dream; a very familiar noise for the past five years of her life. It was the school bus, coming to the fork in the road until it took a left. It soon stopped at the first house on the street; the Gay family's house. Dixie soon shot up like a bullet as she ran to the bus to greet her two littlest masters. The two little kids jumped off the bus as they walked up the somewhat long driveway and the bus soon drove away.

The first kid to get off the bus was a nine year old boy with a somewhat, bowl cut-shaped haircut and periwinkle, blue-gray eyes. He wore something fitting for a nine year old at the time; a green t-shirt with a TMNT image on the front, blue jeans and white tennis shoes. His backpack was an ordinary blue backpack. He had a happy expression on his face. His name was Kyle, the one from Dixie's dream.

The final kid to get off the bus was an eight year old girl with long, light brown hair that went to her waist and dark, chocolate brown eyes. She wore something fitting for her age as well; a navy blue and yellow horizontal striped t-shirt, a pair of blue jean shorts and white and gray tennis shoes. Her backpack was a pink, Hello Kitty backpack that her mom had purchased from a store called Krackeroos. She had a sad expression on her face. Her name was Jennifer, the other kid from Dixie's dream.

"Hey there girl!" Kyle greeted Dixie as Dixie only swished her long tail with happiness. Kyle soon pets Dixie on her head as he then went on up the driveway towards the carport door.

Jennifer did the same as Kyle; pet Dixie and walked up the driveway, with Dixie not too far behind her. Jennifer soon entered the carport door of her house, leaving Dixie outside in the carport, only to be greeted to the smell of cookies being baked in the oven from the kitchen close by. Her sad look was replaced with a smile; mom was baking cookies!

"Hey there sweetie," greeted her mom as Jennifer walked into the kitchen. Her mom held the cookies she baked on a white platter in her hands as she then placed them on the round, slightly small round table in the kitchen, "How was school today?" she then asked.

Jennifer's face reversed back to sadness when her mom asked that question, "It was okay, I guess…" Jennifer said, looking away with a sad look.

Her mom noticed her strange behavior immediately, "Did something happen at school today?" her mom questioned worriedly as she came over to her daughter and bent down to her eyelevel.

"I don't know…" Jennifer replied with a mutter as she made even a sadder face than before, "I-I don't think my brain works right!" she cried as she started to shed a few tears.

Her mom made a face that was the cross between the looks of shock, sadness and fright, "Why would you think that, sweetie?"

"Because…" Jennifer started to say with a sob, "B-Because it just is!"

"Oh, sweetie…" he mom muttered as she then embraces Jennifer, who replied with a hug of her own while crying into her mother's shoulder, "There's nothing wrong with you; nothing at all…"

Here's something else that I've been working on for a while now. A little story about a little girl (me) and her struggles with herself and others around her.