Eric left Alicia lying in the bed not far from his own coffin and let his thoughts roam wild

Alicia woke up later on that night to find Eric no longer in the bed and the coffin over by the window was shut. Her hand automatically went to her throat and she felt the puncture holes there as she stared at the coffin. She dropped her hand and wrapped the sheet around her as she rose from the bed and tried to find her jeans. She found her bra as well as her jeans and had them both on when she noticed the coffin was open and there was no-one inside.

"Where do you think you're going Alicia?" She whirled around and saw Eric leaning against the wall by the door, his arms crossed and his foot on the wall. She stared at him and crossed her arms across her chest, feeling vulnerable. He chuckled at her, running a hand through his hair as he straightened and walked over to her. "Where were you going?"

"No-where...master." She bowed her head and he had to smirk before lifting her face. He stared down into her face and lowered his own, stopping with his lips inches away from hers. She closed the distance and he lifted her into his arms, his tongue going between her parted lips and exploring her sweet mouth. She responded and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back just as much as he was kissing her.

"You're a little vixen." He muttered against her lips and a soft laugh came from her as she trailed kisses from his face to his neck. He fisted his hand in her hair as she kissed his neck and she found herself wanting to bite him like he had done to her before. His breathing quickened as if he knew what she was going to do and he stared down into her eyes as she glanced up at him, desire blazing in his eyes.

"Master...Eric." Alicia whispered and then, she bit him. Plunging fangs she did not know she had into his throat, Eric's blood flowed over her tongue and down her throat. She felt him go weak in the knees and heard his moans of pleasure as his blood flowed into her. They fell to the bed and he wrenched her away from his throat, lust burning inside him.

"Alicia..." Eric's voice failed him as she stared up at him with blood-stained lips and he found himself pressing her down on the bed, his body screaming for the sweet release that would come soon enough. He rid himself of his clothes and hers as well. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Alicia stared up at him as he fought for some sort of control and had to smile to herself even as he began pushing into her tightness.

When she thought he would keep her on her back, he flipped her over onto her knees and grabbed a fistful of her long burgundy hair and pulled her head back roughly with a satisfied smirk as she cried out. He pounded into her relentlessly and chuckled quietly as her moans intensified and as her cries of pleasure came more often. He took one final plunge and that pushed them both over the edge.