What love is

Love is here,

Love is there.

Flying with the morning sun,

And setting with the glossy moon.

Love never ceases,

It just always increases.

Love is perfect bliss,

To whom you send your love wish.

Love is stronger,

Than the strongest steel.

God is the most powerful man,

And he is solely love.

Love can travel,

The ends of the world.

To find that someone,

The perfect boy or girl.

Love is everything,

Without it there's nothing.

No hope and no life,

No mourning and strife.

Love is worth fighting for,

To feel pain every day.

Just to come home every day,

And see your smiling, beautiful face.

The moral of this poem,

And there are quite a few.

Is love is patient, love is kind,

And love is coming to find you.