The feelings of a desperate teen

A pitch black forest,

I'm all alone.

A shadow remains,

All ragged and torn.

Cruelty, abandonment,

Part of my several attempts.

To get a praise from my parents,

Instead of screams and tears.

Then there I was,

Fighting tears.

Threats and insults,

Pounding my ears.

Shrills and shouts,

No love and no hope.

How can I stand,

How can I cope?

Fighting on,

For sanity and life.

Love and encouragement,

Is my life now gone?

Then I met him,

The king of all kings.

The son of a virgin,

My savior and dad.

Through him,

Hope springs.

For he's in my heart,

Even if and when,

I'm alone in the dark.

The forest gives way,

God is near,

I rush for a hug,

Enveloped in holy cheer.