Precious Sands of Time

It's October already,
Wow, time has flown.
Just thinking about
How I'm almost grown.

Lat year I was three,
This year I'm fifteen,
Next year I'm twenty
And I sure hope all my teenage years
Don't go unseen.

If I could put time away,
And keep it so near,
So I could call on you, my love,
Whenever I fear
I would
Because time goes so
amazingly fast
No one single person will
Ever last.

I've alredy begun
Many different things,
I've learned to tie my shoe,
How to play with things.

As people see,
I'm not so young anymore,
And you, too, will see it
As I walk out the door.

I walk out on sorrow,
I walk out on shame,
I walk out on fighting,
I walk out on blame.

I ignore catty remarks,
and cruel, evil stares,
I wish someone would help me,
But nobody cares.

I realize now
That I've become smarter
And now,

My very own life I can charter.

My life seems so much shorter
When I don't belong
But when I find true friends
Nothing will ever go wrong.