About "After the Rain"

Several years ago, while listening to Savatage's "Miles Away" I wrote the beginnings of AtR, based on the vague idea of always traveling before the day. The idea fizzled there, however, and I brought the piece to several of my friends and asked for their help.

The following chapters are part of a round robin fic, written by myself, Darwin, Nynaeve77, and kafkaman. Each will label clearly which author wrote it, but we'd all love reviews on them.

Raine, Kara, and the original idea of this post-apocalyptic world belong to me. The incubus Thorne is also mine, as are the vampire broods. These are up for grabs to all of us writing the fic, however.

Darwin created Cabal for AtR, but his tale grew to encompass the books of her "Only Half" series. As a group, we decided to base the new version of AtR in Cabal's more polished world.

Jeff and Rae belong to Nynaeve, as does the organization they belong to. More on that later – I don't want to spoil too much!

Kafka graced us with the world's most evil and memorable villain, Fr. Julius. Again, more on that later . . . dum dum dummmm!

I hope you enjoy our tale.