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�� Today has been warmer than usual. It is only about 30 degrees or 40 degrees Fahrenheit but it is warm compared to how it has been lately. It is starting to drizzle though but I am excited because now I can break in my new galoshes that my boyfriend Monty bought me. They are red with a purple trim. They are down right amazing. Monty told me they cost $60.00! I told him that he should conserve his money better and buy useful things with it. He doesn't really understand this concept because he is filthy rich but he told me "Nothing I buy you is a waste. I enjoy buying things for you." He is such a doll. Splash! That was fun! Now that I have galoshes I can jump in puddles all I like. Monty won't be too happy though because he is a clean freak. One time when I visited his house… I mean, Cough Cough, Mansion, I went to his room and it hurt my eyes to look around because it was so clean. I told Monty,

�� "You really need to bring some dirt up in here." He of course stares at me bug eyed as if I offended him in the highest possible way. He makes me laugh with his high mannered ways. He goes to the same prep school that I do but man does he look, and especially act, the part. We are complete opposites and I just don't get how we are together. Though I am extremely thankful we are. Monty and I have been dating for about half a year. He really wasn't my type so I have kind of been avoiding him for about 5 months and then I finally gave in. Though I'm pretty sure that's the best decision I have ever made. He loves me unconditionally no matter how I annoy him or tick him off. He is a great listener but he knows how to put me in my place when I've done something stupid. My name is Cindy and I live in London. I love Indian food and dance. I am a major chess buff and I take ballet and karate. I go to a prep school and I hate it but I can stand it because Monty goes there. My favorite subject by leaps and bounds is English. What I am writing is not for an English assignment. I am writing merely as my diary. Cliché as it may be I love it to death. I couldn't go through a day without writing. Actually I lied. I have gone a day without writing, and although I was deeply wounded I managed to survive. Monty is more into math and science. He of course is extremely smart. I had actually never played chess until he introduced me to it a couple months ago. I beat him but I know deep down he lets me win. Monty is very secretive and shy. I on the other hand am very obnoxious and outgoing. Even though I always feel like I'm annoying him he smiles at me encouragingly and says, "No you don't! I enjoy hearing you talk." How is it that I am blessed with this man? Sometimes I swear I am living in fantasy land.

�� Unfortunately, that is exactly where I am living. Fantasy Land. My name is actually Erica. I live nowhere near London. I live in the United States in a little redneck town smack dab in the middle of Illinois. I thought it would be fun to write about the girl I wish I was but then I decided that the girl I am could possibly be just as interesting as the girl I wish I was. So I've decided on blending the two. I wouldn't describe myself necessarily�as a loser. For example, I am not picked on by everyone and I don't eat lunch alone and seclude myself in a corner studying gerunds and participles. I don't hide in the bathroom and scribble away about my sad unfortunate life and I don't advert my eyes when someone talks to me or ignore them because they couldn't possibly be talking to me! Though to be perfectly honest I used to be like that. But I have grown up a bit since the dark and gloomy times of junior high. I really try impossibly hard to convince myself those two years never actually happened and it was all just a very long merciless nightmare. Alas, they did but they made me stronger as a person and I guess I am thankful for that.

�� Now I am in High School and I really feel the love hate relationship. I hate it here! I don't want to go! Especially because today is Monday and I just hate everyone and everything. Though it really does make life interesting and I do have a lot of amazing friends that make the day seem shorter and full of life. I could do without the meaningless learning. I remember my friend Cherry once said, " I really wish they'd just teach us useful things in school." A very good philosophy if I may say so myself. But then, there would be no school. No school could possibly teach only useful things. Like for example, imaginary numbers in algebra. I understand how to figure out the equations but why on this gigantic green earth do we need to learn about numbers that are imaginary? I find it ironic that people make fun of me for being obsessed with Harry Potter! Hello! IMAGINARY NUMBERS!

�� When my middle aged, acts like she's still a 20 year old, algebra teacher rattles on about imaginary this,�polar coordinates that, I decide it is high time to drift off to London in my new galoshes clinging to Monty's arm on a brisk Saturday afternoon stroll in the park as we prattle on about this�and that sipping our chai tea. "How do you like my hair Monty?"

"Oh, It's beautiful as always. I don't care what you do with it."

"Monty! You are too flattering I can't stand it! Well I just thought it was time for a change you know? I had some split ends and I thought while I get those trimmed off I'd just go for a whole new style."

"Well it looks brilliant you know that? You think I should get a knew style?"
"Ha! Yes Monty, because you have ample amounts of hair."

"Well I just thought I'd try and be hip like you!"

"Stop being such a tease!"

Well there it is! My first installment. I sort of wrote all this on a humongous whim but I decided I'd put it on fiction press anyway. What could it harm? Anyway, If you read, CHEERS to you!