I anointed the feet of Inanna

And in the sacred temple prayed

Brought the young men to Her chambers

On purple velvet laid

I dwelt in the tree of Ishtar

In the Holy Lands of yore

With a serpent as companion

On the dusty forest floor

I ate of the Tree of Knowledge

Made the lush Garden home

The grass was soft beneath my feet

Wherever I did roam

I slept on the shores of the Red Sea

Laughed and danced in pale moonlight

The screech-owl was my kin

And I did follow him in flight

I roved the Land of Nod

Where the banished meet their fate

Twas there I met young Cain

And my fire fueled his hate

Now I slumber in realms of myth

Of lust and dream and fear

When the wind cries through the trees

Know that I am here