Untitled (For Lilith) 09/26/02

Eden in twilight hours

dark blue sky that spans beyond all creation

golden stars, pulsating to the beat of the earth

loamy soil between my toes

cool, fresh scent of Autumn rain

soft breeze rustling playfully the blades of grass

Night life stirs, sleepy-eyed

Waking to the new world which blooms before us

I remember home

And the banishment

The fiery sands upon the shore of vast salty waters

scorched horizon, orange and hot

the unforgiving sun

whispering winds who rasp of lands beyond time

the ache of new hungers burning within

dry, lonely desolation

I remember the cry that split the night

The new world wakes from blessed dream

I am rejuvenated and free once more

flying across the paradise that is night

caressing the sacred softness of the moon

flickering candle-light upon shadowed veil

the spark of lust between thighs

crisp air caressing naked flesh

I remember the song that is life