Monologue (for Lilith) 01/16/03

Red Earth

had I not flown

would you have fallen?

I was soaring upon the open wind

while you were plummeting from grace

and while you were toiling beneath the hot sun

I was dancing myself into a frenzy

When your bones gave way under the weak flesh

I was growing stronger with each night passed

Black Moon, I

Broken Rib,

had I not offered the sweet fruit

your eyes would still be blind

Why do you rebuke me so, little sister?

Is it because I imbibe the red fluid of life

while it must drain betwixt your thighs?

Or because my children are borne

painlessly from the womb of night

whilst yours sit symbiotic

awaiting to punch and kick their way out?

It is through no fault of my own

that you chose not to grow wings

as I

I give you my hand but you cower

and hide behind your god

the cosmic landlord who evicted

you and your gardener lover from your home



who rules His house with an iron fist

and sent his disobedient children

hurtling like shooting stars

to crash to earth below

suffering from amnesia

their wings torn and bleeding

Morning Star,

Your heat burns me to the core

and fills my soul with luminous light

You, who peers into me

and turns dreams into reality

had I the power to unchain your mighty wings

so that you would fly alongside me

but, alas, you remain bound

and I am free as the evening breeze

I must walk this path alone