Lilith's Visit 01/12/04

Hello again, Eve. Fancy meeting you in the twilight, here, on the fringes of Eden's border.

I have just returned from the Land of Nod, East of Paradise.

Why, I do believe it was the very direction in which you were staring at so forlornly

when I happened upon you.

Were you expecting my visit, sister, or has captivity finally made you

hunger for something just a little bit more?

You do realize that the fruit which grows in the center of your home

can quench all of your thirsts.

Ah, I see. God has forbade you to eat of his most delicious food.

It bothers me not if you choose to stay here

It is no sweat from my brow.

But I do miss you so, Eve.

We speak so rarely these days.

We have to meet by moonlight while Adam sleeps,

drunk on his new-found power.

How clever you were to slip away, so soundlessly

as a fawn escapes the clutches of a wolf.

Oh do not give me such a look! You know it to be true.

How the gardener rants and raves of order

of subservience

of obedience.

Do not think that he would hesitate to spring upon you

should you choose to disobey!

Do not look so afraid.

Adam will not wake in this womb of night

for he fears the dark.

I see you, however, reveling in the mystery of the starry sky.

I see how moonlight makes your vacant eyes come to life with wily wonder.

You are seduced by it Eve,

and yet fear holds you in bonds

tighter than any restraint devised by Adam.

You do know God made for the night to be every bit as beautiful

as the morning dawn.

Our Father did not mean for His youngest daughter to be denied

of His most splendid creations.

Come with me, Eve

and I will show you

the fireflies which make the trees sparkle with

living, breathing starlight.

I can take you to the pools of water

where the moon shimmers and dances.

Oh. I understand.

You must not betray God by partaking of his knowledge.

I will leave you now, child

with a final kiss upon your forehead

and these words:

"How can you truly appreciate and understand

Our Father

without seeing the world through his holy eyes?"

Fare Thee well Eden

and Blessed be its denizens tonight.