A Message to the Literate Minority

How can you sit there so idly staring at the screen? You were there but you don't care and you never left the scene. This is a world-wide problem. How do you forget that you're a part of this? If something isn't done, you will die.You will DIE. And this isn't something you can put off for some future generation to deal with. This is going on right now. We can't afford any more procrastination. If we don't do something, this ship is going down. And I don't mean us or them or any other one group of people. I mean each and every living thing. It all ends here. And I'm not preaching some abstract philosophy or some religious redundancy. I'm merely recommending life for humanity for my own sake. I mean if you're listening right now, you're doing more than most, but it's simply not enough. Being aware and saying you care doesn't change what's in the air. They're killing us -slowly maybe, but killing us none the less. And given some time it won't be so slow. And once the birth rate drops it'll really start to show. But we can't wait that long and we can't let it get that far. By then it'll be too late. With each degradation of the human condition, we get closer to extinction. Or should I say, with each degradation we get closer to domestication, as a lesser, still-dying-out species, but then, that's assuming we'll live that long. I guess what I'm trying to say, despite the hypocrisy inherent in each statement, is "Do something now, especially if you have the power to do something big." It's important. It needs to be done now. And no, I'm not kidding.